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Hot 2982 views. 2016-3-15 22:38 | although, against, noticed, outside, window

No matter we noticed it or not, Spring is coming, although it keeps raining these days and we still can feel a bit chilly out there, as if the Winter is reluctant to leave.


Grab a cup of coffee, lean against the wall, and look at the view outside the window. I don't feel a thing, as it's almost the same everyday, full of bristled buildings, complicated overpasses, and heavy traffic on the streets. Though it just rained and everthing is fresh,all these just make me see those concrete things more clearly. 


suddenly, something down on the ground beween two buildings caught my sight. A glimmering of a grassplot. It looks far away and small, but it definitly greenish. I am so delighted and realized spring is coming.


Living in a big city, I can hardly tell the alternating seasons of the year if not because of the changing weather and tempretures. Especially these changes do not affect much of my life except making decisions of what to wear.


I grew up in the countryside. Therefore, spring meant a big deal to me at that time. Snow was melting, grass was sprouting, and trees were budding. Farmers started getting busy. Soon, flowers would be blooming, butterflies would be flying, and birds would be chirping. All these unforgettable memories colored my childhood.


I am a nostalgic person. So, I will create more sweet and lasting moments. Whenever I want to look back, good memories follow me.

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Reply sunnyv 2016-3-15 23:34
Indeed, the crowded cities we live in is sickening. I could never appreciate those plants and private gardens in the city. Those appear unnatural or artificial to me.

To appreciate real flowers and plants, we have to take a little trip out to the countryside where we would find lots of beautiful flowers and plants. Find a nice spot and take some time to look closer look at the flowers and breathe in the sweet scent. It is indeed refreshing.

Those who have nostalgic tendencies are normally happy and emotional people and I am one of those.
Reply teadrinking 2016-3-19 14:28
It is now the best season. Enjoy it.
Reply Lilyzbz 2016-4-1 14:49
teadrinking: It is now the best season. Enjoy it.
Spring is short. That is too bad.

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