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2016-3-15 22:38
No matter we noticed it or not, Spring is coming, although it keeps rainingthese days and we still canfeel a bit chilly out there, as if the Winter is reluctant to leave. Grab a cup of coffee, lean against the wall, and look at the view outside the window. I ...
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Shares Mothers
2016-3-9 22:56
Do you know what is the most beautiful word in the world? Yes, it is Mother. From the day mothers knowtheyare pregnent,they willregardtheir babiesas themost important treasures intheir lives.Aftertheygive birt ...
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Shares A Little Something About Longan
2016-3-5 23:02
A Little Something About Longan
Longan is a kind of fruit, rich in South and Southwest China and getting ripebetween Julyand August. It tasts sweet and succulent. Many people I know of can not distinguish Longan from Lychee although theyhave totally different appearance, because longan and lychee are s ...
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Shares Korean Soap Opera
2016-3-3 23:23
Back to my teenage time, I wasobsessed with korean soap operas for a long while. In those TV shows, actorswere super hot and actresses were gorgeous.Also at that very time, I learned something called face-lifting and plastic surgery,and I'm totally fine with it ...
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Shares New Year, New Beginning.
2016-2-21 13:22
Loog loog time no see, my very dear friends. A lot of things hapened last year, good ones and bad ones. No matter what, thosehave becomethe past. After10-day-Chinese-Lunar-new-year vacation, we all get refreshed. This is a brand new beginning,wish us ...
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2015-12-14 12:19
I like travelling abroad, not onlybeing obsessed with beautiful views and adventures, but also gourmet. Speaking of delicacy, Ican not helppriding our food. No matter where I have been, I could easily find a decent Chinese r ...
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Shares IQ test
2015-11-28 19:54
There are 3 people, A, B, and C. Their names are Truth, Liar, and Midair. Truth alway tellspeople truths; Liar tells people nothing but lies; Midair sometimes tells people turth, and sometimes lies to people.We know A, B, and C are them, butwe don't know which is which. ...
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Shares Praying for Paris
2015-11-16 12:35
Terrorist attacks of Pariswere terrible. Hundreds of victims died there. They were only innocent common people. These luckysurvivors were frightened and shocked.The exploding and shooting scenes like horrible nightmares haunting them everyday. Maythe living stro ...
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Shares Tough Decision
2015-11-13 21:16
On the way from a train station to the nearest bus stop, I saw 3 beggars today. One of them dressed like a college student kneeling on the ground. There was a cardboard laying onthe floor in front of him, saying that his father was seriously ill and heneeded some money to buy train t ...
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