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I like sports very much, the swimming is one of my favorite sports. Compare with other sports like running or ride the bike, the swimming can make me relax and enjoyable, but I only swimming once or twice a week, because I think I am still young, at the treasure morning time I can do some strenuous excises till maybe I feel my physical weaknesses some day later, I will swimming instead of running every morning right now. General speaking the sports will be my breakfast every day.

Tell you one interesting story happened in this morning. Every Wednesday morning is my swimming time, the swimming pool is long circle shape which is much smaller than stander one (50mx25m), surely the middle swimming lane is the longest one, the swimmers would like this longer one to finish the long distance excise. Normally I am the first one to be there for swimming, unless a Japanese couple they are only walking in the water, three times a day with 20-30 minutes, they are only staying at the side of pool, but this morning I went the fitness a little be late than normal, a guy was early and in front of me do the warm up before into the pool, I was a little disappointed for my late, and told myself I had to accept the case. I was ready to be in the side. Surprised me that he was fancy diving in the side of lane at first, he did not get in the middle one, I realized that he was decline out of modesty to me, I felt so shamed and lower my head even nobody can see my face, so I believe there are many kind of people around world, go back to myself, I felt so stingy and not so generous, due to the darkness of morning even I did not see clear who is he, but I will remember, so in the future I do the thing before I should care others more. 

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