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Mobike CEO – Hu WeiWei

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We can see a lot of Mobikes in any corners or any roads of Beijing, as I only know before ride instead of walk is only car since the bike was stolen at the long time ago, and no confident to buy a new one again, sometime to the market within 2-5 miles away, to avoid hand carry the heavy stuffs by walk, driving is my only way for outing, I know this is not good for environmental protection, since I know Mobike is easy to learn and convenient for the people, it is one of my important tool to somewhere at my daily life.

One day Reader of TV show was introducing a young girl Hu WeiWei who is CEO of Mobike, remarkable to know she is from Zhe Jiang Province, Since the year 2014 she was hesitated to think about the bike to be the half public benefit to return back to the street, as everybody knows the bike was the scenery line in China before, as time goes on, the more and more cars to be the most transportations in any cities in China. Download App of Mobike in cell phone before using it, to pay 299 deposit in register one ID the same as other software, then you will have your easy life.

She was born in year 1982, and she was a reporter, that’s why she has the superior consciousness compare with other young people, at the beginning she was also worry about stolen or broken to lose money. 10 months goes on, the tremendous changes for the society can see that was a great idea from such a young girl. Our dear Premier Li Keqiang was talking to her and encourages her. I admire her a lot and she has a good opinion of herself.

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Reply Tange 2017-3-16 11:17
The last 1 km , it is best choice for us
Reply Rosanna 2017-3-22 08:46
Tange: The last 1 km , it is best choice for us
that's why it is so popular right now

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