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Week of cycling

162 views. 2017-5-18 09:20

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Once a year of Green week of cycling in Tong Zhou in May of each year, I have participated for five or six years and we have never missing the chance with my eight friends together even one of us, there are four girls and four boys in the group, and this year it will be getting the qualification by drawing, due to the public benefit activity is too many people for the events. The last week one of friend sent the notice of this year will be holding on May 20.

You know the weekend normally I go to Pan Shan with my family, I am focus on my eyes to my family at this period, Tiger need to be taken care after the operation, the baby some time I have to show my loves even his grandmother looks after him officially, so all the meetings and gatherings I have to kindly refuse to my friends, after the information was sent to the our group of cycling, I was keeping the silent till two of girls said the excuse for the event of this year, If I said my excuse, only one girl left in the group, whatever the reason, I know no one was complain for the absent, due to all the outings is the volunteer, right? I was thinking a while and sent my excuse message after fighting in my mind, I am so sorry for the last girl and I know she is worry about missing the line during the riding. I was encourage her and told her one of boy who is kind to follow him closely and I have told the boy already, he will take care of the girl.

I am so sincerely wish they will have a great experience of this riding and a lots of group pictures we can share together in the group of wechat.

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