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About Singles Day Promotion in China

Hot 1118 views. 2017-11-14 09:56

What is the hottest word among Chinese natives these days? It's the “Bachelor’s Day Promotion” or Singles Day Promotion. Almost every native has got the invitation for this ceremony whether or not you are a bachelor.

November 11th has become a special festival during recent years. With four characters of “1”, this date was named as Bachelor’s Day. On this day, young people will hold bachelor parties to create couples or simply have fun. Some choose to end their bachelor life by showing love or proposing for marriage.

In 2009, the first Double Eleven Shopping Festival on, storming the online shopping for the very first time. Three years later, with coming 2012's Bachelor’s Day, more than 10,000 businesses, cooperating with e-commerce sites, are poised to rock the shopping festival again.

Participants took actions to meet this festival. Some clothes manufactures began to hoard products for this winter from August. And they made full preparation on supplying chains and staff arrangements.

China Express Association organized “Double Eleven” meetings to discuss measurements.  Major logistics companies like EMS, Shentong, Yuantong, Home Delivery... are going to recruit thousands of new staffs to meet the need of peak online shopping periods.

I am crazy online shopping, I collected some goods and put it into the shopping cart in advance, till the day coming, or if I am the lucky one can get the free in the second kill even it was hard to come, this year it is the full 400 minus 50 promotion, so in order to Add-on items, I would like to spend the whole morning to holding my Ipad lying on the bed just for looking for the right one.

Basically, e-commerce cannot break away from its essence of retailing. Besides prices, they also compete on product varieties, users’ experience and resources. That is to say, this war is not only a challenge for promotion ability, but also a test of storage, logistics and capitals.

The day is really good chance to meet the annual revenues of the seller and also good opportunities for customers.

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Reply warmjaney 2017-12-16 09:50
double 11, double 12, both are to make promotion on purpose

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