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Beginning of Spring

235 views. 2018-2-4 11:51

Today is beginning of spring, it is the first one in twenty four solar terms. It is one of important day in a year. A year’s plan starts with spring, and Spring is a season of hope. In the field, always can see the farmer uncle hard labor, no-till seeding, they sow the seeds, plant a hope. The traditional convention at the date are having Spring Pancake, Spring Roll, the main ingredient are including Bean Sprout, Turnip, Potato, etc, putting it together into the pancake, rolling it up like finger food. Right now it is modified adding some dry meat and more delicious.  

This morning I went out the market early. Buy some stuff like mentioned above, and plan with my daughter have the lunch together at home, trying to make the spring pancake as normal years we did. I will show you the picture at the lunch time.

I have another plan of today, good starting including the cleaning for the home before Chinese New Year, right? Cleaning the carpet is my headache and challenge. There are two carpets in my living room and bed room, Frankly speaking I did not clean its for some years, due to it is too big which cannot be cleaned in my bathroom, and I don’t have the special detergent only for the carpet. But this year I made it in my mind I have to do it in this year.

I seldom ask Tiger for helps unless I cannot do it. So this time I said, can you please let your staff clean the carpet, I know their property company for cleaning the carpet is easy work, I got rely that it need one day to clean, I am so happy when I pick the carpet up at the special day of today, it is very clean like a new one, it seems It is good start for this year.

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