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Juicer is kind of machine for Juices. Which is High speed blender can make all the fruits or vegetables into liquid just in one minute.

Tiger has the high blood pressure for many years, every morning he has to have many medicines, otherwise the heart attach could be happened, he gona facing very bad the situation. He was told the celery is good for these people at the five years ago, so I made the plan, I almost bought lot celery every day, I did fired dish of celery or making celery soup, but he was sick of eating it for some time. So Juicer maybe can help him I thought.

I bought a very expensive Juicer at that time, which can make the liquid non slag. At the beginning the taste was ok from his feedback, I was happy I found the right way, but a half year later, no any improvement for his sick, everything was the same situation, so Tiger rejected eating any foods with celery. I had to give up for my plan.

At the one month ago, at the one dinner party, I forgot who said making the fruits juice every morning is good the health, My Juicer is kind of brand of juicer machine, just like a plastic bottle, one bottom only in one minute, everything is done. I was told, the juice is including an apple, yoghurt, fresh milk, banana and passion fruit. I remembered I had one home make juice in Cambodia done by Anita, it was my first time have the juice with passion fruit, so wonderful taste still lead in my mind.

Ok good, I said myself, I do follow the menu for our breakfast every morning. Almost one month past, I did not lost my word, I keep the Juicer busy every day.

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