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The first class in EF

Hot 2345 views. 2018-3-12 09:51

After to be the student of EF, meaning I got the User name officially, I could go the system have a look, Jonly my teacher has told me some functional keys when he was making the presentation of EF, and I know the full name is Education First.

EF there are two versions, one is web version on the computer, through Google Chrome to log in the system is easier, you can download some texts for you further review. You can have your classes with your Ipad or Iphone, that’s why I like so much, it is totally break study model, sitting in front of computer for one or two hours, so boring and tired in my eyes I must say. There are two Apps you can download as per introduction, one is study by yourself in Pink iron, another iron with a blackboard is the classroom by group class.

Jonly said, EF is global study platform, so 24 hours service, the class is starting at the hourly or half point in any time a day, you can take the class in the midnight if you like, I have had my first group class in the early morning at 4am, the teacher was a handsome boy from UK and the most of students are from overseas, Brazil, I remembered, you have to come the class before 10 minutes, the system put you in the class automatically, there were 7 students in the class, I was the last one enter the class, maybe my computer was slow, I can see the teacher in live on the top of the left side, the introduce for each of you was the first action, in orderly I was the last to tell my name, and where I am from. You can raise your hand in green key, when you were speaking you may press the mic on, then the everyone in the class can heard your voice, I was so embarrassed I did not close my mic when I finished the speech, I did not know raise the hand before you wanted to talk. But anyway can understand the first class must be some unknown, the same to everybody I think.

Very good experience of the first group class I must say, this kind of study way I like it very much, I will tell you more and share with you about study in reading, listening and some grammar in Pink APP.

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Reply Tange 2018-3-12 21:32
    your english is pretty already now ,
Reply Rosanna 2018-3-13 08:58
Tange:      your english is pretty already now ,
thanks for your comments.
Reply wangjide01 2018-3-16 17:09
I had take part in one of EF on-line education before.  I don't like the class style. Self introduction one by one about 10 minutes each class. I always prepare what should I say about the topic and missed other things.   I just had 40 of 400 classes.  Maybe learn by myself is more suitbal for me or that's the reason of my poor english.
Reply Rosanna 2018-3-20 10:42
wangjide01: I had take part in one of EF on-line education before.  I don't like the class style. Self introduction one by one about 10 minutes each class. I alwa ...
yeah, sometime it is boring when the students is making introduction quite slow, not so efficiency, but the teachers are all from overseas, is good than other platforms.

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