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May is middle of the year – My father

63 views. 2018-6-12 08:34

This morning I watched TV on the treadmill at the club, there was CGTN program regarding the urban voice of Africa; in fact I just want to listen English to kill my boring time while I was running. The story of the program I did not go into detail, but one display was the old man mending tangle of fishing net, it was recalled me a lot about my father when I was a little girl.

At the each year I would like writing something about my father into my blog with only a few his old pictures. So this morning when I was sitting in front of my computer to think my topic of blog, the picture of fishing net was still in my mind, it cannot be taken away. My father had passed by for more than 20 years, his illness was regarding his work, he was an ordinary worker with horse, even he worked in the hygiene industry, why I said that, due to his mainly works was collecting the blood of the horse to making medicine again, and he was an introversion person, he was almost so quiet. I remembered one of his hobbies was fishing; it was not fishing with stick, casting the net, he was a big man with the leather of trousers into the cold small river, he was strong pulling the net by himself with many of big fishes, I was jumping for joy at the side, I was not sure at that time my family was poor to have the fish for eating or just for his interests. Whatever it was, the situation of my father was still there in my deep mind.

Right now, almost nobody was playing fishing net, we can see only go fishing with rod.

Unfortunately I do not have many pictures for my father, only a few of it, I miss you, my dad, let me kiss your pictures again.

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