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I am happy to have my cycling friends; in fact they are all my same age childhood buddies. We have kept cycling together for four or five years, mainly in May or Jun of each year, due to we are going to join the big event of Green Cycling Week which is organized by Tong Zhou government, 10,000 volunteers are riding together for 20km, 30km and 60km specifically. Surely we are all the funs, not only to have for the same color T-shirt, mainly we just find the gathering time enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately this Year I did not get the lucky number for the event. I have broken the promise for two times with my friends, this time I have guaranteed I have to show my face at the date.

As plan the assembling place was at our entrance hall at the 6am on Sunday, so I had to get up at 4am and drove about 80km away to get there, due to I lived in Pan Shan in weekend. No matter how it was, I must be there this time. Four of us were on time, one of boy was waiting on way, before we left I asked one boy helping me pumping for my bike, everything was ready to go.

The weather was really good, a little cloudy, the first 10 km was on the street, there were many of cars and people; we reminded each other that the safe was most important, after that the road was plastic runway. Today our destination was the river cross three counties, Wen Yu He is the famous river, and the side of river is the big nature park with many of flowers and plants, that’s why Beijing government will be moved there. One boy came to the front at the corner, to do the video for our group at the bend during the riding; he knew this was showing time to record.

One of girl was so care to bring the traditional rice dumpling when we had the rest under the bridge, no one had the breakfast before we left, so any foods was the wolf down disappeared at the moment. Chatting and laughing was all the time to break the quiet at the nature park.

Taking the group photos was also the important thing, only a few people there we were kindly asking to do it. The back way was not as good as the coming, the road was rough with small stones, I remembered one corner I did not reduce my speed at the once, it was so dangerous to fall down to the side, otherwise I was fear after event I cannot think of another.

Anyway we did the great job with 50km away, even my cloth and bike were dirty enough, but we really had a great time, I did a nice video for this event to share with my friends in wechat, everybody is happy and give me a great kiss package.


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