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Be jealous

144 views. 2018-8-10 10:10

I have transferred to this fitness centre for two weeks, where is close my home. No need me to driving come and back at the rush hour in the morning, Everything is the same as before, once in a week swimming at Wednesday, other days is running on the machine, due to the opening hour is late a half hour than before, so I would like running out door first till 7am the door opened, I continuity do the running on the machine.

I knew an old couple who comes to the club every morning like me, they only like swimming, why they come here so early, because of their son have to the work before 8am, and then they have to take care their grandson at home, the morning is the golden time for them at all. I must say who loves sports, no any reasons for absent.

I get to the gym to see them every Wednesday at the swimming pool, and to know they live next to our community, you know the people like sports who are always keeping smiling face and like to talk with others warmly, they are simple and kindly. More and more the people prefer doing exercises in the morning. This pool is the small one with 25 meters long and 20 meter wide only, so one swimming lane at least three people in, I prefer swimming in the middle lane, just with the old man in one lane, by occasionally, we against each other underwater, I immediately said sorry for him and his reaction was the same to me, this was very normal to across each other I said, at the meantime, Tiger came in to the pool when I was talking with a man, he said to me coldly, do you need the umbrella, the outside was raining, I know he doesn't like me talking with the strange guy, and his good friend was just divorced due to his wife goes with other guy with the same interests, this was so sad experience and good lesson to them, don’t give your wife any chances to go out without permission. He just wanted to tell everybody there, this is my woman

I knew he was jealous of my action, I showed my face angrily after back home, you were so sensitive, you may believe me completely, I just friendly talking with others, nothing special, I said. He loves me and he was afraid to lose me I know, but sometime if so sensitive it may make me hardly to breath, right? 

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