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Trip to Thailand (part 2)

Hot 2336 views. 2018-9-12 10:07

The floating bridge was heavily moved, you cannot stand walking smoothly, and there was no handrail, so hardly to move, anyway a little by a little my family were the safe to the shore.

Egg island was not officially opened, due to it was not easy to find the way for the strangers or guests, the entrance was very small out of the way, that’s why there is not so many people there, the sea view is very nature and fresh, and the sand is clean and tidy, there are many small tropical green fish, you can see it clearly in the sea, this place is very good for the children’s family and also very good for the snorkel dive.

The weather was not too bad, the sunshine was not strongly with some cloudy as well, the babies for sure they were starting to play sands with the colourful toys, our adults were swimming and photo shooting do what we like leisurely.

Suddenly the black cloudy was covered the whole sky, the heavily rainy was coming strongly, we were no time to pick our things together, Holding the baby hurriedly to the poor shed, you know the shed at the sea side, it was only a few wooden tables and plastic chairs, the ceiling was leakage everywhere, my daughter was holding the baby with wet bath towel at the corner of shed, we cannot find any safe places, we asked the local people how long the raining can be stopped, they said it was hardly to say, but it was very normal changed the weather like the baby face, after 15 minutes, the raining did not stop, I thought we had to move and find other place for the baby, otherwise I was afraid fear the children, we moving to the other place which was more bigger space and no leakage, I knew my daughter was little worry about the baby, she kept silent no any choice just pray the god.  

Finally the rain was a bit small, the tour guide said we can leave here right now, everybody had to through the floating bridge again to the ship, because of the windy, the bridge was shaken heavily than the beginning, there was a ship which was almost closed for the last guest, my daughter was in front, she was holding the baby, she wanted to catch it, but her steps was hardly move forward, I was holding the grandma at the back, the full picture likes a flea for safety.

Anyway it was a kind of experience, luckily after we were back to hotel with hot bath for the baby, he was good, no any uncomfortable at that time, so we can make our next daily tour.

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Reply Hardstudy 2018-9-12 17:20
how old is the baby?
Reply wangjide01 2018-9-13 11:29
Some surprise is a part of a tour. Hope the weather is good in the later days.
Reply Rosanna 2018-9-17 16:31
Hardstudy: how old is the baby?
He is 1 and 9 months year old. thank you for your attention.
Reply Rosanna 2018-9-17 16:32
wangjide01: Some surprise is a part of a tour. Hope the weather is good in the later days.
The weather is really changeable.

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