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Read a dream

171 views. 2018-10-8 12:24

Seven days holiday of this National Day, Everybody or every family had the plan for the travelling at the golden season at the long time ago. Tiger and I were invited to join the wedding ceremony at Shan Xi province, we bought the high speed rail tickets to Tai Yuan city first and then somebody picked us up by car to be there. It was a great arrangement I must say so.

I will write the following blog for the special wedding for sure, but today I would like tell my dream was really realize at this trip.

My parents all worked in the institute of Biological Product for the life, at the beginning of 70s years. To be the party members they all eagerly responded to work at the poor regions in China. There were one third about more than 80 families including my family were delegated to Jie Xiu county of Shan Xi province for three years. I was a little girl at the time, I cannot remember the thing clearly, my brothers were the school boys, they always mention to me how poor we were and eating Sorghum flour instead of food all the time, I only remember we lived in the single storey house 15 square meters with 5 people, very limitation space for girl and boys live together. But I can recall we went to the hill at the back of house to pick up wild small dates, which was very prick the hands.

This trip was mainly for the wedding and then Tiger’s brother will meet us by car at the famous Ping Yao ancient city. I was realized the way from the wedding to Ping Yao was passed by Jie Xiu city, and we had enough time to meet his brother. Tiger knew what my dream was, that was the great if we have the chance to go to Jie Xiu I have mentioned before many times. So I cannot believe that Tiger changed our way to my dream place first.

I called my brother to tell the address of the place we can follow GPS to be there very smoothly, even we had asked somebody on the way, we were there. The place was becoming a training centre, because of the holiday, there was nobody there except the door man, the luckily there was one family live there, I was excited to tell why I came here they fully understood my emotional and happy to took me walk around the place, and told me the story here after we left. Some of house has been dismantled, luckily a few houses left liked Historical site, I wanted the time to stop and listen more stories happened here, trying to recall my poor memories at the 40s years ago.

How great dream for many years I realized today, I was so happy and thank Tiger gave me the chance to be here, even our time was limit, I took many photos to stop motion as I can, I have so many words to write about my feeling when I was there, let’s me paste the photos here.

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