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A rural traditional wedding

Hot 1249 views. 2018-10-9 09:59

We were invited to join in the wedding during National Day at Shan Xi province. The boy and the girl are all from the same area at Shi Lou county of Lv Liang city in Shan Xi山西, where is the most poor mountainous area just next to Shan Xi 陕西. We knew the boy when he was a little boy, due to he is very clever and hard work, Tiger and I likes him so much and we would like him to be our adopted son, that’s why his wedding for sure we would like to give him fully support.

There are four children in his family, the boy is the third one and the last one for the married in his family, we did not think how poor there is, they still live in cave house village which I only saw it in the film that I cannot believe. Due to Shan Xi has many coal mine, that’s why there are many big trucks on the way, the bad air pollution and the traffic are so dangerous for the small car. His parents are all younger than me but they look like 60-70 years old, but smiling is so kind and honest I can see, they did not speak so much when we came in to the courtyard, the body language I can read how happy they were. According to the local custom, one day before of wedding, all the villagers, neighbours and relatives have big dinner together gives the presents as returns. At the time the local band with three or four people group were invited as well for the celebration. There was a big red rubber arched door attached name of the bride and the bridegroom. I was told there will be 300 more people for the dinner at the night, the chef and kitchen helpers was other group were the most busiest for mess part, the people came for eating all standing there, like running water, one after other, the big pail for food did not like human foods I must say so, but still was gone in a few minutes. Any way I cannot believe and I felt so sad.

The second day morning the wedding was officially started from 11am,Unhealthy custom there were more than 10 black Audi to pick up the bridge; the bridegroom was holding the bridge over his shoulder with the string of firecracker hard to walk, but he had to do like this. Tiger and were honoured to be the chief witness coming to the stage, to showing our loves and wish they will have a great future in the life. One thing was so attractive me till today was the host asked the children and grandsons or granddaughters all went down on their knees for the parents with the harmonious music, this picture was still in my mind cannot take it away.

This was a great wedding party I have never seen before, let me learn a lot and to know there are many rural area like here in China need us to help, to change the traffic situation and let them go out of the mountain area. 

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Reply wangjide01 2018-10-11 16:34
I had lived in the cav house 2 times, that's amazing. There are so many dust on the hill in a windy day, I can't comb my hair after standing on the hill for two hours.  Seldom people still living in the cav house now.  
Reply Rosanna 2018-10-14 19:06
wangjide01: I had lived in the cav house 2 times, that's amazing. There are so many dust on the hill in a windy day, I can't comb my hair after standing on the hi ...
you are right, the living condition of Shan Xi is really poor.

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