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Yan An – The place of Chinese revolutionary

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This trip to Shan Xi is not only for the wedding ceremony, but also we would like go somewhere for travelling as well, Yan An is belong to Shan Xi 陕西province just across Yellow river in other side of Shi Lou county, it will take two hours by car to be there we were told. Yan An is the old revolutionary base area. I have been to some red areas in China with my previous company before, but YanAn I haven’t been to yet, and there is a very famous pagoda to be the symbol of the place, I really want to take the picture in there.

After wedding, the bridegroom’s brother was so kind and he would like to be our guide to YanAn by car, due to he knew the way of the destination and it was much easy for the stranger without any direction except GPS to be helped. The traffic was not smoothly as we expected, the road was fully occupied by many big trucks on the way, so we almost took about three or four hours to be there, we first found the motel near the base, and ready to visit at the next morning.

The famous pagoda has been showed in front of us at the sunny day, it is totally nine floors with 44 meters height, unfortunately it was repaired recently, that’s why we did not go upstairs. There are not so many people in the park at the early morning, so we walked around slowly to taste the feeling there, a big party flag came into my eyes under the pagoda. There was a board with some words of Party statement, I am so proud to be a party member. Just by the chance I was trying to raise my hand and reading the word by word loudly to swear again. I knew Tiger had taken the photos and videos to record for the golden moment as well. How wonderful time I had! It was a meaningful trip to Shan Xi.

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Reply wangjide01 2018-10-10 15:59
Yan an is my wife's hometown, But i haven't had a good look at there.
Reply Rosanna 2018-10-11 10:14
wangjide01: Yan an is my wife's hometown, But i haven't had a good look at there.
you should go there to taste the feeling of red place while visiting her parents.

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