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The northern off-year

106 views. 2019-1-29 10:03

Yesterday was 23th of 12th lunar year, which is the northern off-year, as the traditional way the people would like eating dumpling and cleaning the room at the day, the meaning is good new look for new year and starting purchases for the spring festival, to ring the old year out and new year in.

Six of our friends just came back from Hai Nan, the atmosphere is warming up till today, so the day the northern off year was only one statement pushing us to have the meeting, the main point was continually chatting in our own way, sharing the photos and videos and the back of the story for each one.

We found a very specific restaurant was the hot pot in North way, This is a very big stain-steel oven with open fire on the round table centre, the people is sitting around the table with the fish, goose and vegetables what you like, the corn cake on the pan side to be the main foods, what I am trying to say is Chinese atmosphere like this, Lili brought the nice tea bag and Er Ping took some popular snack for us for our great meeting.

For Sure the lunch time was too short for us gathering, we had to find other place to High continently. We were going to KTV which was our first time to go. The talent people in our group are two of Yu Yu, one has the charming voice and magnetism intonation, other one has the strong alto voice, two of them was so match each other, brought us to other world for sure. I am not good at the sing, but I like dancing or disco, so I can put everyone enjoying the motion.

Before we left, Unforgettable tonight was the last song, it was really wonderful day we had. I cannot forget every moment with my friends, I love you all.

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