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Anita Anita Anita

Hot 1180 views. 2019-2-8 08:32

It is often said that three times for important thing. Anita is a very important friend in my life, I have written a lot about her story in my blogs, I believe many people read my blogs has already mentioned her life, her work and her family.

She was still working in Cambodia since three years ago, every meeting we had was only when she came back and I was strongly complain her about ignore my existence, I knew how busy she was, sometime she is a frequency traveller for her business, maybe one night in Beijing and the next day in Shen Zhen, I can understand. But this long holiday spring festival I had to meet her, so I asked her at the long time ago, before one week of the meeting, I said, hi my dear, when I can borrow you entirely, only one day please. She knew it was a joke, this was the way in between.

Luckily we met at yesterday was the third day of lunar day, I was told she missed me as same as mine, She wanted to see me at the first holiday day, She was afraid to missing the chance, because of Chinese new year is important for the family, she can not control her time sometime. I found a restaurant very special, delicious seafood dumpling and mango yoghurt which are our favourite.

I am so happy to know she is learning Gu Zheng instrument to kill her leisure time and show me the songs she play in MP3, it is amazing I cannot believe she can does so well, she is smart. What I can report to my performance of this year is my book of 2018, and told her I am still study EF English which I learn every day for one class on line. The mean is I don’t waste my golden time, I am still a good student consciously.

Anyway, the time was so short, after I knew she has not had the plan to stop her work yet, I told her as long as you are happy with your work and good healthy, you do what you like, I am always support you and waiting you come back in Beijing every day.

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Reply lovingfun 2019-2-8 09:40
Wow, I see two big smiling faces, how happy you two.
Happy new year to you and your family.
Reply Rosanna 2019-2-15 11:17
lovingfun: Wow, I see two big smiling faces, how happy you two.
Happy new year to you and your family.
Thank you for your comments

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