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EF - good bye

104 views. 2019-3-6 12:37

Do you ever feel the fear of abandonment by your family, friends and your spouse? What’s your feeling?

I was busy with Tiger recently, and I have no much time study EF English for two weeks. As usual I must be one hour a day at least on line learning EF. I knew my EF account is about expire in this month, but I cannot remember which day is exactly, I was happy to my efforts from 7 to 11 level in a year, so far only one unit left to level 12, I want to catch it quickly in the limitation time before complete the course. I was a little worry I hope I will able to make up all I missed by being absent.

This morning I was full of enthusiasms to wearing my head set earring phone and closing my door for study only, I was afraid by anything to disturbing me, But I did not know why I cannot log in my account? There was a test window let me key in process number, how come? I have never such information during this year, I contacted my teacher in wechat immediately, I know if I contact him by phone, even I could get feedback right away, but maybe it was not so polite. He gave me a hotline number, meaning was he put my question to others, I thought it was not so difficult problem, I felt no so good at first, but anyway I followed him to check, the answer was I have to get the process number from my teacher, not from others. I called him again angrily. On my understanding was all teachers from EF are very kind and keeping smiling face always, although I was an on line student I go to the training centre not quite often, but I have joined some classes and I have seen some teachers before, they are willing to help others. But in fact it was not.

He was impatient to tell me the completion of the test is only for face to face class, it is not including on line students. But I got the answer from hotline was not, the test should be including all the students no matter you are on line or in face, even he promised me to double check again for me. I was so disappointed that I was abandoned by my great EF in my heart, I was with you for a year, I love you so much, that’s why I avoided any negative issues at all the cost to with you, at last, making me so lost. Nobody remind me before expire of the account, maybe if anyone to tell me I could renew my account.

Anyway, the time to say bye to EF, I will continently study my English forever, but not in EF this platform for sure.

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