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Gtime fitness centre

110 views. 2019-3-13 09:59

I was invited by one of my friends Hai Yun to Gtime fitness centre with my friends yesterday. The location is in south east of Beijing, it is quite far from my home, I looked up BaiDu map before I left, how can I get there? I prefer green outing, so By subway or by Bus? Both are at least taking more than one hour.

We made the plan to meet at 1am clock after lunch; Hai Yun was afraid me to lost my way and She would pick me up at bus station. Unfortunately I was waiting the bus almost 20 minutes later at the starting station, even there are so many buses passing by except my bus. You know I am a punctual person since my school time. I had few to be late for any appointments, unless there must be some strong reasons. finally I was afraid to be late, I took the taxi immediately.

Surely I was 30 minutes early than others, I came in the fitness first, it is quite big fitness centre I have seen before with semi-underground, The logo of the name in bilingual language was so attractive. Gtime-吉刻 I like the name because it is simple and perfect, the meaning on my understanding is Don’t hesitate, Just do it. I was following one staff to each function rooms and told me how to using facilities one by one professionally, I knew it is their job for any new comers.

I can not wait to do the excise first till my friends coming, all machines are quite new and update with individual TV which is continent to kill the time on the machine for sportaholic, and many of people in different ages were interacting on the machine. The swimming pool is not so big but just next to the room. Group of people were busy learning swimming with their coach concentrated, seems nobody cared who you are, only focus them.

After my friend was coming, for sure we were happy to see again since last meeting in Hai Nan, we used our own way to chat for a while in a low voice, taking the photos in any corners must be our issues for any gatherings. Unluckily I forgot to take my swimming suit, Hai Yun who are my dear would like to go back her home to take her one. Why I love them all, because if anyone of us has a problem at the anytime, they would like to give you fully supports at once,

The friend in need, is a friend indeed. This is my point of this blog.

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