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Visiting the home town (part 3)

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My mother and my father’s homes are very close each other, one village apart, I remembered it was about 5 km away, due to I took the walk go and come when I was a little girl.

At the third day we were going to see my aunt, she is my father’s younger sister from countryside; She is about 80 years old as well. But her health is good except her leg a little bit bending; she lives in the countryside, every morning she gets up early and never stop for her farm works, So works making her more strong and healthy enough than the same ages people others who lives in down town or city. She has three boys, unfortunately the elder one has passed away by cancer for some year, right now the second one has hold up the home totally, I can understand my aunt is really not easy for her family and the life.

The second boy is the same age as mine, so when we were here to his home, my aunt and he has been waiting us with warmly regards and smiling, I can see this village is not rich as my uncle’s, they still live in the old the courtyard and house, we were told they are waiting the house pulled down and move out by the local government. Hopefully it will be taken as soon as possible. The first attractive me that there are many dry plant which is hard to call the name is handing the shelf a raw of raw at the corner.

An Guo city was a county in the before, it is famous for Chinese medicine in China everybody now, the second boy lives on selling Gua Lou at the local market to support the family in his life, which is kind of plant grow from the field, his work is processing into medical materials, it is very complicated for each procedures I was told. It needs to be dried, baked and cut to the slice at the last by seasoning, only a few months a year, so it needs the baking toast, the special cut knife and space for dryer. So anything work is not easy for working people.

I told them if you want to sell to other cities instead of only local area, you’d better selling from the internet and doing some advertisements, it is limitation informed by wachat only. Let everyone knows it is the best one in China.     

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Reply sys 2019-4-16 17:12
your English level is so superior that I even can't recognize some words .  I just want to get which kind of job are you managing ?
would you like to answer me ?
Reply Rosanna 2019-4-17 09:09
sys: your English level is so superior that I even can't recognize some words .  I just want to get which kind of job are you managing ?
would you like to  ...
Thank you for your compliments. I am an accountant, nice to see you here.

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