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Glasses and Overhead projector

120 views. 2019-5-4 13:01

After I bought the portable heart sticker from internet, Tiger wanted to check his data report for his heart rate at this App, so he went to see the doctor whom is one of his friends, unfortunately the doctor has been sick in hospital for some days, just Tiger visited him in the ward.

Greeting and chatting with the friend, He almost forgot the main purpose for coming, Tiger found two goods in the sick room he has never seen before. One is the glasses which is very weird with a hat, other one is the mini overhead projector. He was told by the doctor there are almost 80 % people have suffering the neck and the waist disease for our ages, this two things can help you watching TV on the bed instead of sitting somewhere was easy for the your body.

He showed me the photos he was taken for those and wanted me to buy for him immediately. It was hard to see clear what’s it? What’s the brand? You know the man is much different with woman, he was not good at describe what he wanted only with unclear photo, I am not quite sure what is the new goods in market even I just heard, I had to find the needle from the sea patiently which is more popular right now.

The glasses is easy for me to find out according to my imagination, and it is not very expensive, done for one. But there are many kinds of brands for the projector, Gimi is the one can link with Mi Box system, Shen Hua looks very elegant with the shelf, the price is little expensive than Gimi, the function is more flexible, I learned it from supplier step by step to fully understand what the new thing is, how to link with Ipad, cell phone and computer.

Yesterday it was delivered and we cannot wait to open the pack, Tiger was very smart to install it smoothly under my direction. Which is very portable, Automation focusing, Clear image, Gaming and Videos are amazing, it is really change my mind there is a new time coming, there must be some old digital stuffs will be replaced, so we have to learn the new things and follow the step forward, otherwise we will be lost by this young generation.

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