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The sound of EF

167 views. 2019-5-13 14:01

There will have English speech of EF in national competition, right now starting for primary election in each training centres of Beijing. I am the English lover. I really envy somebody who can speak good English and so confident to show themselves in the public when they are speaking.

Yesterday was Mother’s day and weekend as well, I believe most of the mothers and her families had been gone out for the celebration. I was invited by Tiger to attend this speech because he knew I will like it, even there is a little rainy outside, we were going to there by bike that would be much romance than any other families in the restaurant.

The class room was not so big, there were only 10 participants and three judges. We were always the early bird, after confirm we were only for listening and still welcome to the class by the trainer. The class will be started at 2.30am while we had the chat with one of judge who was Asian people. All participants would have competition order by lucky draw like playing game. The first one was a girl with short skirt and jacket. She was a little nervous to introduce herself and after five minutes, She had gone into her role to read the poem with lovely back ground music, even she played it by her cell phone, I cannot read her clearly what she main meaning but from her emotional, I can see she has good pronunciation and intonation. The second one was a boy who was sitting in front of stage to read an English story with music, so attractive me was he was never shy to act what he did, maybe this is the generation after 90s. One of judge was a foreign face who was the manager of this training centre. His comments to each students were honest and in detail, some words are encouragement but some words to tell what should be improved during the speech, like eye contact to audiences and smiling of the speakers are most important factors, you know some of students were shy to speak, so their voice was not louder enough and hardly to control the speed of speaking.

One girl was so impressive to me, she was so confident on the stage, she did not read, all tell the story from her mind, she has prepared the show for four days that would be much better than reading the text. One short boy who was the couch, his work in the fitness was only for his tuition fee, he was from He Bei province that’s why he was apologist to everyone for being late be his starting.

If I were the one to be participant, I believe I can do it and maybe I can do it well. This is a really good class I like the atmosphere there, I learned a lot. Everybody is modest, kindly and friendly to others no matter you are the member or not, Here are the international family, I believe everyone here are English lover, why they are here together.

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