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Harmful effects of divorce on society

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There are many couples divorced around me, my friends, my relatives; they don’t care other family members feeling by divorce. We can see its everywhere including TV shows, the lawyer helps the divorce family trying to be settle their house, children and all property in legally.

The parents divorced when the child is in elementary school, this divorce disrupted the childhood in serious ways. Indeed, even today it is difficult for the child to admit that their parents are divorced, If divorce has so deeply affected one person, consider the harmful effects divorce must be having on society as a whole.

The little girl woke from a nightmare. She ran to her parent’s room to see her father so he could comfort her. Then she suddenly remembered that he was no longer living with her. Her parents were divorced. She began to shake and cry. Divorce has greatly affected this child.

One of my relatives was divorced when their daughter at the school time, right now she has been graduated and worked for some years. But she is afraid to marry; her personality is unsocial and refused to find any boyfriends, her mother promised keep herself single in her life, so the divorce has been changed their minds from the original. But for her father, even he has married again with a younger woman, but for sure the divorce was bringing more experiences in his life.

Of every four couples who marry in United States, one will seek divorce. In some urban areas, the figure is even higher, as many as half the marriage in Los Angeles area end in divorce. This means that there is an increasing number of single-parent households and of children living without one of their parents, Consider that harmful effects divorce seems to be having on society.

One hundred years ago, an unhappy couple simply lived unhappily or tried to work out their problems, Divorce was an option that was never considered. Today, an unhappy couple easily decides that divorce is the answer to their problems. However, consider the harmful effect these easy divorces seem to be having on society.

Any society has many problems. The society in any countries is no exception. Some of the problems that the people must deal with are drugs, unemployment, welfare, and the generation gap. However, the basic problem is the changing structure of the family, which causes an over whelming number of divorces, Consider the harmful effects divorce is having on the people in the world.

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Reply teadrinking 2019-6-4 23:22
A single parent family has largely harmed a kid's growth. We have to make sure if the decision of parting from each other is needed. If there is still some ways to make up that crisis, we really have to think it seriously.
Reply Rosanna 2019-6-5 08:56
teadrinking: A single parent family has largely harmed a kid's growth. We have to make sure if the decision of parting from each other is needed. If there is still ...
your words just bring the problem of divorce deeply.

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