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Shanghai, A unique city in China

217 views. 2019-6-12 11:46

I have been to many modern cities in the world including Shanghai, Frankly speaking If I have the time for the holiday, Shanghai for sure is not my first choose, I don’t like Shanghai city much. Not because of it is the harbour city, the weather is hot in summer, even it is one of modern and updated one than others. People from Shanghai are not so openly when they are doing something; it is my personal idea only, sorry for saying that. I am from Beijing, some of Beijingers don’t like Shanghai citizens including me, I don’t know why? Maybe it is hardly understand dialectal accent.

China has many famous cities. Beijing, the capital of China, is the centre of politics, because it is where the central government located. In the mid-west, Chongqing, another municipal city, is also the centre of most forms of transport, but people in the world are always impressed by the most distinctive city in China – Shanghai. Which is also be called the oriental pearl.

All in all, Shanghai should definitely be counted as one of the great cities in China. It is where two different cultures meet, therefore. It has charming characteristics both in city planning and human communication. As it is the national business centre as well as the East Asia, Shanghai can always attract the attention from all over the world, enjoying the ultimate advantages of further development. The graduated students would like finding the first job in Shanghai to realize their potential. The owners would like to buy the house in the big city including SH. For all these reasons, Shanghai is a city that highlights the eastern part of China.

In conclusion, Shanghai is an important city in China, and people should consider is as such, It has unique atmosphere for business, entertaining or experiencing cultural exchange, Its fascinating combination of traditional Chinese culture and latest and most advanced technology will make anyone all in love with it.

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