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Why is a sense of humor important?

142 views. 2019-7-11 10:17

A sense of humor, God’s greatest gift to mankind, is universally considered the most valuable personality. Is it born within e very person’s heart, but has to be cultivated. A person without humor is just like a spring without flowers, or like a dish without seasoning. In a sense, your personality lies in your sense of humor.

Humor can improve physical as well as mental well-being. It helps us bear our burdens, lessen our tension, overcome our frustration. With a piece of joke, all our worries and sadness disappear like smoke, and we are full of vigor once again.

Humor helps us live in harmony with others. It is unavoidable to have misunderstanding and tension with others during work and study. But humor can ease these problems quicker than angry words or quarrels. With it you can always keep on good terms with others.

Humor appears to be an important part of human survival. The ability to laugh can dispel tension, for example, while an understanding of complex situations can help people to make good decisions. People with a well-developed sense of humor appear to be happier in psychological studies, and some are healthier as well, suggesting that it may just be good for you.

Older people can also enhance this ability by paying attention to ways in which humor manifests around them. Some people simply have a unique or odd sense of humor which needs a little bit of encouragement to flourish, especially if it is subtle. Asking friends to explain funny situations or jokes after the fact can be informative, as can watching comedy shows and reading jokes, humor columns, and funny novels.

I think most of people has the sense of humor is nature heavenly, only some of them has to educate and learn from others, maybe follow their parents or friends, and to be a funny guy making people happy. I like the people with cold humor, the meaning is that looking like a little serious face, kindly heart with glasses, I don’t like he / she tries never to offend anybody, he/ she doesn’t talk too much, just listen others more first when talking something each other, he / she has the clear mind to tell something logical thinking with rich knowledge. This kind of humor is my appreciated and I admire that I can be the one in someday later.

A sense of humor is really one of keys to happiness. It gives fun and zest to life to make it worth living.

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