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Sun flowers

225 views. 2019-8-13 10:19

Sun flower is kind of plant with the beautiful flowers, the head of flower is following the sun from day to night. Flower language is silent of love, unspoken love, faith, superior, loyalty and admire. That’s why we called our intimate group is the one, because we are the childhood friends and we do believe we have the same interests and the same dream now, we like the sunflowers following one of key friend LiLi to go where ever we want to go.

Six of us had the small party at the old place where we grow up at yesterday lunch time. Since we went back from Hai Nan where we had the wonderful two weeks together, yesterday was the other enjoyable moment I must say so, even it was a little rainy, everybody was on time including me, I knew I was the last one, but it was not late upon the time, that meaning everyone was treasure the group we set up more than two or three years.

I looked at the face for each of them. They are all a bit plump than before, surely keep on a diet to be the one topic always and be the first important thing we have to do at present, order the dishes for sure ordered more simple and not too oily at well, healthy foods like fish, corn, potato, bean curd are more popular and welcomed, to be honest any foods was not important than the time we sat down together, Yun bring a good tea I hardly called the name chatting, laughing surrounding our table of the restaurant, I can see the guests next to us to change from one to other, but we did not believe the time was so fast till the waitresses swallowed her displeasure and smiled and so embarrass to wait. We have to say sorry for her and we kindly asked her to take group pictures for us in any corners in the room. You can see we have never given up any chances.

Lucky the outside was clear and bright, the most famous theater which was standard building in our heart, each corners we would like to touch, the working area where our parents worked in before with so many plants and trees like the park, it is so familiar for us.

The great time we had to say bye again, I hope everyone can keep a good figures after we meet again sooner or later, I wish we are all youthful than ever.

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