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Friendship is always there

287 views. 2019-11-4 12:40

Regina, it is familiar and unfamiliar as well, She is one of our four gold flowers, which mean we worked in at Cost Control in LiDu holiday inn hotel together at my first job, the name was given by our first boss Mr. Vincent, Rigina, Mary, Margret and Rosanna, still remember. At 35th anniversary party in Lidu at last year, Cost control should be including office, storeroom and receiving about 15 people, so pity was that I was just to see a few of them.

Regina she moved to Japan and married with Japanese for thirty years and even I have few contacts with her and other two girls was only at the special case or holidays for greeting in wechat. You know the people leave far away to other country, they may be so emotional than others including Regina.

The last week She was back to China only for a week, She would like to invite our people have the dinner to meet all of them. Unfortunately the meeting day was Oct 31th. Any way, our girls would like to date in advance, Mary was busy with her work in the afternoon, other three of us were walking around the home building even we were hardly to find each corner, but still feel so close and welcome, chatting, drinking to make the time to stop.

Regina gave some small gifts to each one from Japan, Mary brought some desserts from her hotel, Yao our leader and organizer was taking two bottles of Red wines. Friendship Hug to be the first act to see each other, It was really long time no see, Li Xin and Zheng came late because of busy for month end closing. There is only Li Xin a little bit strong than before, for others no any changes at all. We were counting 8 brothers in store according to ages were so handsome and who is who.

Lili she was the only one girl in store. That’s why we have five girls and six boys big meeting at the night. I was so impressive till today hardly to release the moment we have. We should cherish and see our photos how wonderful! Compare with the old one and new one.

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