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Reading after class

Hot 1474 views. 2019-12-5 09:08

Nowadays a misconception among our teachers is that students should pay more attention to their textbooks. Sometimes students are not allowed to do more other reading after class, especially when the reading materials are not closely related to their textbooks. I would like to convince our teachers that learning in class could not meet all the demands for one’s education. Reading in spare time contributes to one’s personal development in several ways.

First, practice reading after class can improve students ‘self study skills. When they read without teachers around, they have to use their background knowledge and reading skills they have learned in class to achieve better understanding. Meanwhile, such reading practice is also beneficial to students’ development of critical and independent thinking; the most important view about after class reading is that students reading materials cannot be only confined to text related topics, because reading is not only for knowledge but also for fun and enjoyment. If students reading materials cover a wide variety of topics, students will be more likely to benefit from reading by forming sensible view of the world and life.

Let students knows about other ways for the knowledge, Ipad, music instrument, animal or plane, whatever they like, just do it. My two years old kid knows how to take the photo for others using his baby camera, amazing he knows the different color in English if you asked. I cannot believe he knew how to make you smile after he did wrong thing.

Creating the ideas for the students are most important in our education system, don’t be afraid they made the mistakes, the score is not only one to say good or bad, as long as they are using the mind to read, it is good enough.

In short students should be encouraged to do more reading after class so as to improve their both academic and social abilities.

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Reply teadrinking 2019-12-5 21:37
Knowlesge is not merely based on the textbooks. There are more we can learn after class.
Reply Rosanna 2019-12-6 09:05
teadrinking: Knowlesge is not merely based on the textbooks. There are more we can learn after class.
I appreciated that your words is always say the main points of my text.

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