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Who will be on duty?

Hot 1311 views. 2020-1-9 09:23

It is always a challenge who will be on duty during Chinese New Year in any positions of work. CNY is the most important festival in a year of China, so that everyone no matter how busy they are in a year, they would like to get rid of the work and go back home with family together for NY’s eve. I remembered when I worked in the company, I was in charge of cashiers who had to work 18 hours a day, who will be on duty at NY’s even was always hard to choice, therefore everyone has to accept luck draw to find the solution.

Today I would like talking about my A Yi she lives at my home. She is very competent her work, she is good at cooking, she has a kind heart to everyone in the family, she always keep smiling face and never complain about her jobs, Surely I treat her like my sister, that’s why she is more respect me and like to be with us. But only one thing makes me unhappy recently.

She is from Shan Xi province and she has three kids, I know she has more burdens for her family than others, that’s why she has some excuses for leave during a year, like summer holiday or winter holiday, she must be back home for her kids, even I was reluctant to agree and like her go, in fact I had to do her works during her absent. CNY is coming soon, she said to me cautiously that she had to take care her mom, due to her mom’s leg was broken in accident. Ok, I fully understood her situation and let her go immediately; even I am so worrying about my case. It was true or not my choice is believe what she said.

It is almost one or two month for CNY. I have to find somebody on duty in my family, just in case the one will help my father-in-law during the holiday, if his A Yi will be absent I have to or somebody has to be there.

I was looking for A Yi who is on duty on CNY from 58 internet, it was not bad I got the answer from one home service Yes, but unfortunately, till today because of this and that I have changed three, still not finalize who will be on duty, I am anxious.    


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Reply teadrinking 2020-1-9 21:29
Every year at this time, because of spring festival, people are going to be ready for this traditional festival. Those who are from countries or remote and undeveloped areas will go back to hometown, they have been working in cities for the whole year. Then we find cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, are empty. That time it may only take us twenty minutes to the work place on account of fewer vehicles and people.

Surely it is not easy to hire a matron with whom you satisfty. That A-Yi has to take care of her family which is a huge burden for her. Particularly spring festival is coming, almost everyone goes back home. We can understand it. But you can talk to her in person at some other time. You should let her know she is important and you like to hire her to work for your family. And you also have to make some rules so that she knows she just can not ask for a leave so casualy. Of course, we do not have the right to force somebody working all the time. But we make a deal and the hired person will know what he or she can do and when he or she can leave. If necessary, you can also tell her of the salary paid according to the days she work at your home.

Then you can do something in advance. So you can hire some others to work in absence of her leave for hometown. Once you have prepared well you feel less anxious.
Reply Rosanna 2020-1-10 10:14
teadrinking: Every year at this time, because of spring festival, people are going to be ready for this traditional festival. Those who are from countries or remot ...
Thank you for your advice. You know I am so kind to A Yi when she asked for helps, they always find the excuse for leaving, and the reasons which I hardly say no.

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