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Go back to the normal

Hot 1118 views. 2020-3-23 13:50

After two months later, everything almost goes back to the normal in China, the green plants and trees are starting to say hello to the people, who are waken up from depression of corona virus. Most of workers have returned back to the work, and many of companies and projects have been operated again, even I am afraid to see the news of the number of confirmed infection the virus at the overseas countries.

The time for spring seeding, I really wanted to go Pan Shan to see my trees and my plants where I did not go there for this winter. I was only worry about segregated 14 day after back to Beijing, the rule is not removed yet, because of Pan Shan is belong to Tian Jing city, it is out of Beijing. I have seen much information from wechat to ask about. The feedback was that only checking the body temperature and ID at the entrance of the capital. So at the last week we were fearful to leave Beijing to PS with my full of trunk and no space at all. We were going there for four days.

Greeting after a long separation, welcomed by the nice security guard I found the familiar European style Buildings are so warm and intimacy. Three of A Yi have been waiting for me for cleaning my house I called them for helps, otherwise I cannot afford to do the floors housework by myself. I was busy for sorting my daughter’s clothes in the third floor. But I was a little worry about if we were sick we would not go back to BJ, in fact I am hate myself making troubles by myself, but I cannot control at all, maybe the busy to kill my depress time.

My mood was getting better when I saw Magnolia flowers has been opened the mouth for smiling to us, the courtyard was not to mess at all, the wooden pavilions are still life and waiting for my touch. The first thing was that Tiger was calling for the Barber door to door for his long hair at the first day. I asked Tiger had to wear the mask please when a haircut, it was ridiculous he said, Ji Xian and Ping Gu are the clear places, no more any virus till today. Yes, it is, but we shouldn’t relax anytime in front of cunning virus.

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Reply teadrinking 2020-3-25 22:51
This virus has made a huge impact on us. We may get to be anxious out of no reason. Since we do not know when it will end. Now it seems to be better in our country. But the world every day is full of news of confirmed patients with positive tests. Hope everything is going to be fine!
Reply Rosanna 2020-4-2 12:54
teadrinking: This virus has made a huge impact on us. We may get to be anxious out of no reason. Since we do not know when it will end. Now it seems to be better i ...
I am really afraid to see the increasing number of confirmed cases from other countries.

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