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Nice Cycling

142 views. 2020-5-25 11:17

May is the good season for outing in a year. I broke the cycling appointment at the last time with my rider friends, because of my waist was painful again for more than two weeks; I knew I was busy with my house renovation. I was not willing to say no with them but I have to.

I was happy invited to one park for riding again at the last week, my body was all right, unfortunately my bike was not with me, and it was at PanShan’s home. LiLy told me she borrow one from Hai Yun for me, H Y was riding from her home for 10 kilometres away and return back, for her it was enough doing exercises in a day. She is a kind friend and she would like play Ping Pang game with others in the park during our riding, just let me to stimulating and enjoying cycling with my girls and boys.

As we planed we will see at the entrance of the park. I am the early bird always, I drove and picked other friend up near the home, 10 minutes early on time at the area. Lily is a nice leader to pick some breakfast and soya juice for each of us. We were wearing the same riding clothes and helmet, it is really cool and attractive in among of people. There are the plastic runway separated the cycling and walk way, it is 5 kilometres for one round and safety without vehicle, that’s why it is very popular here for cycling lovers.

I opened my App to record before we started. I was recommended to be the first one in front in my team after 10km. There were many bends which I was not familiar of the way, I was trying my best to be safe and as fast as I can, due to I did not let them look down on me to be the first one. 15 minutes only for one round as record, Lily was just behind me and she said she was hard to follow for this round.

Due to Global pandemic, long time no such satisfy and enjoy for outing. We found other part that was playing PingPang game after riding. Our laughing and chatting was everywhere all the time in the park. Luckily we saw a movie star, but hardly to call his name in our mouth. Anyway we were glad to take the group photo with him at the end.

It was a good day, the sunshine day was bringing the lot of happiness for us, we will have another date at the following week with my riding friends, and you will see the photos for sure.

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