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Thanks for your coming

89 views. 2020-8-31 10:38

Anita, everybody knows she is my best female friend. At the last weekend I was so delighted she and some friends came to my house to play.

Anita works in Cambodia for some years till today, she is happy to be a tough lady and a professional manager, no matter how much she earns I don’t care, I hardly stand far away from home. Even I would like to persuade her many times to release the current job go back to Beijing please, but nothing seemed to work, as long as she is enjoy it just let her do it.

Because of corona virus outbreak in the world, she has not gone back to china and return home for one year, till last month, but unexpectedly her mother was found to have cancer, so she has to return home no matter how busy she is. Each of person from overseas passengers has to be isolated for 14 days in the hotel, it is a really challenge for everybody including her. It was so good she has me to company with her to kill her boring time when I was free by chat or voice in the hotel.

As per our plan the next day they will come to my house after Anita arranged and comforted her mother. This is a good season for friends coming in my courtyard. I would like to drive 10 kilometres away for some fresh flowers, tables must be with the beautiful table clothes, I will do some my favourite custards, I almost forget to take out my new tea cups and tea pot with Hermes.

I got up early to cleaning up my courtyard, taking out the colourful cushions on the long wooden bench, ready to wait my friends coming, self-shooting and play my cell phone blamed them coming late I was talking to myself. Anita is a plumper figure than before I was surprised, hugs to tell she is mine, nobody else, including her husband. The time was limited, her staying only a few hours here, she has to go back her home to care her mother, rather than stay one night with me.

Thank you for your coming, with my life, let me have the courage to do myself; I would like to cherish any times what we have.

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