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What is the ideal teacher-student relationship?

105 views. 2020-9-7 13:33

A good teacher-student relationship should be established on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. It improves both teaching and learning.

When I was a student, teachers were the highest position, super power in our mind, their words were more powerful than parents, I was admire this job was so knowledgeable and I wanted to be a woman of deep learning.

On one hand, a good teacher-student relationship has a positive effect on student’s study, even the rest of his life, it makes learning enjoyable and interesting for the student, Students will learn actively by having chances to express their ideas freely, They won’t lose heart when they fail to do something, because in most cases, they are encouraged to keep on trying until reach the final goal. Moreover, students are treated as independent individuals; they have the right to question their teacher or to express disagreement.

My fancy teachers are handsome or beautiful than others from their looking, the voice is not too loud to students, keeping smiling face all the time, when the student is asking the question, they may listen first, and then be patient to lead the answer or results gradually. For example, I like Ms. Zhuang Zhuang who is the teacher in English broadcasting Beijing, She would like teaching by her heart and her learning experience, I am a loyal fans for her for many years.

On the other hand, with a positive attitude to his students, teacher doesn’t think of himself as kind of authority. In a good teacher-student relationship, teacher and student will learn from each other by sharing information and ideas, with more communications with students, teachers can get feedback on time so as to adjust his teaching plan, thus improving his teaching practice. Teacher might get much enjoyment from teaching, which is no longer a hard job but a rewarding job.

In conclusion, with a good teacher-student relationship, students can learn more effectively, while teacher gains satisfaction from his job.

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