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First day to kindergarten

63 views. 2020-9-11 09:41

September is back to school month, especially after epidemic, almost a half year all colleges or schools including kindergartens in China were closed till this month. Li Xiao Bao is three and a half years old, today is his first day to kindergarten day.

First day to the formal kindergarten, before He went to fancy private nursery school near my home, so today is very special day. There were some meetings and events for kids before the day coming, just let children are familiar for the new teacher and new classmates. The day before yesterday I was on behalf of his mother to attend the conference meeting on line for opening day of kindergarten, to be his grandma I took it so seriously to take the record on my notebook carefully. At the meanwhile I have learned to download Zhu Mu app first, and key in meeting number to enter the class, you can hear the teacher speaking and to see PPT on the screen.

This morning I went out to the park for running as usual with Tiger, to avoid the peak hour I knew 7.40am was the time for S2 class (Xiao Bao class), 10 minutes left I was trying to run fast to catch the time at the entrance, I am the lucky woman always, his mother and grandma to talk with teachers, the teacher picked him up hand in hand, because Li xiao bao looked so clam and strong even a little bit unhappy, I broke down and cried. My daughter has seen my eyes full of tears, and said to me. Don’t worry about him, He is strong enough in his mind.

I do hope my baby is a big boy, don’t be afraid any difficulties, today is the new day for him, he will grew up from today, that’s why I write the blog for him today, in some day later. He does understand my propose for him.

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