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Feeling of helplessness

Hot 183 views. 2020-10-15 19:30

Dish-washing machine is very useful for a family, it is not only reducing house works, one important thing I like it because it can eliminate garbage and disinfect for all chinaware,glassware, spoon and chopstick. That’s why I want to buy one for my lovely kitchens for both sides.

MY brother-in-law bought one of Midea, which is local brand, very popular in the market, I was told there are two models, one is table model, another is insertion in the cupboard, for sure built in the cabinet is more fashion and update I think. I am no doubt to buy two dish washing machines for my two kitchens. Jing Dong logistic is more fast than others, after three days I sent my order at the Jing Dong platform, it has been delivered door to door.

Ji Xian is a small county belong to Tian Jing city, even I have been lived here for several years, the people living standard is more cheaper than Beijing for sure, Foods and Vegetables are more cheaper as well, if I buy electronic, Gas and Water, it is very convenient, for instance, I installed monitor system for my home, the local people is very friendly helping me to learn how to use it, I though I have clear understand I am local here.

Household appliance industry is highly competitive, so installation for free is very normal including dish-washing machine, due to it has to take water pipe. I called the local service asked for the service and tell my home address. I was so surprised that they can come at next day.

A young boy came with formal uniform Midea logo in front, I was so happy consider myself lucky, I said to him please tell me how to use it step by step, due to I was not so smart enough, the boy checked the pipe first and said that I had to pay 50 yuan to exchange the new one, otherwise it was leakage, I accepted it, I knew he came from somewhere it was not easy, I understood. What I was so disappointed, he knew nothing about the machine, any questions I asked he can not give my answers, and said to me please see the introduction, after a half hour later I was trying to calm down, keeping my smiling face to see bye to him.

Maybe my expectation is much, local people needs the time to be ready, who can give them regular training for all home appliance, including air conditioning, toast oven, refrigerator, coffee machine, almost very day to change the new models, they have to learn and keep up with the times.

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Reply teadrinking 2020-10-16 12:12
You have a comfortable life in that county. Everything is fine which guarantees your living quality. As for the unsatisfied sales services, sometimes it does happen, but at present your pleasure defeats that bad feeling.

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