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Children’s schoolbags are getting heavier

77 views. 2021-8-30 08:48

The board of education is starting to reduction load of students and teachers right now. Some of training classes have been cancelled in schools and colleges as well.

We frequently hear school children complaining of the pressure of an ever-increasing burden of their studies. The schoolbag on their shoulders are getting heavier and heavier, and the hours spent on their homework longer and longer.

These are several reasons why their burden isn’t lifted despite repeated social protests. For one thing, parents have a strong desire for the early intellectual achievement in their children. They believe that without pressure, the chance of their being admitted to key schools, and then to famous universities will be slipped through their fingers. So they constantly push them to score high, be among the best or get a first. Another reason is that our teachers ally themselves with parents in assigning more homework for their own sake as well as to the liking of their parent. Scores are not only the indicator of success or failure for a particular student; they are also the measurement of a teacher’s performance. Failure on the part of his students in school examinations is often seen as evidence of bad teaching.

Indeed, It is not easy to lighten children’s burden, but it is worth trying, since parents and teachers don’t want the heavy schoolbags to crush them. Besides, it is advisable that the teachers improve their in-class efficiency instead of assigning endless homework, which they should realize will do more harm than good to the youngsters’ development. And the parents should also learn to tap their children’s intellect by taking them out to see the world and arousing their curiosity for knowledge rather than buying them the exercise books.

Every school takes part in the campaign of reducing learning load. All in all, the policy of reducing load has produced good results for parents and children, and also for teachers as well.


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