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Rules for behavior in public places

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Line up, and wait your turn. When they are in situation where a group of people want attention or service from someone, some areas line up. In the bank, at the theater box office, or at the university registration counter, the latest person to arrive will step to the end of the line and patiently wait their turn. This behavior reflects their notion that all people are equal, in the front of a line, it also reflects their aversion to touching, which is much less likely to happen in a line than in a crowd jostling to get service.

People who do not go to the end of the line and wait their turn, but who instead to go the head of the line and try to push their way in front of others, will usually evoke a hostile reaction.

First-come, first served. The general notion is that the person who arrives first gets attention first. Alternative notions, such as giving priority to older people or women who is really need helps, like pregnant one or holding the baby.

Nowadays, in our mordent society, digital device and internet are covered everywhere in China, the registration for hospital or park on line service for the real name system before you go to, avoiding crowed people waiting line up under the sunshine, and also very convenient for the client. Even though we still have some rural areas need the time to improve.

In recent years an-anti-smoking movement has made considerable headway. The results are many. Some locations have outlawed smoking in certain public places, some restaurants, like airplanes, have are designated for smokers and non-smokers. Some localities prohibit smoking anywhere inside a restaurant. Many organizations have formulated rules about smoking, usually rules that specify where people can and cannot smoke. But still many people have neglected any rules to enjoy themselves; air pollution is harmful for health.

I really hate smoking and nobody smoking in my family, that’s why I am so sensitive and irresistible. So the public areas need everyone to protect, Without civilization life would be impossible.

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Reply davidjuyong 2021-9-7 16:33
Yes, you are right!
Reply Rosanna 2021-9-9 08:43
davidjuyong: Yes, you are right!

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