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How to lose weight

69 views. 2021-11-23 10:20

A beautiful and healthy figure is most people’s dream, but not everyone can fulfill this dream. Overweight people often have to find ways to lost weight.

Different ages and gender have the different criterions, {height-80/70} x 70%/60%, the result is within 10%-20% we can say it is standard weight. I don’t know it is scientific and reasonable or not. For normal healthy people, weight is gained by taking in more calories than the body needs. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you either have to eat less or find ways to use up more calories. Dieting is probably the most popular way of losing weight, because when on a diet, you are taking in fewer calories.

I have the experience when I was young, I was not so confident of my body weight when I was a girl, I thought without the ideal weight my career my study were all far belong my expectation, so I was on diet, no foods in a week except drinking some water only, until I was lose energy and with the poor pale face, It was reducing one day one half kilo, Yes, it was lose weight, but no spirit at all, so horrible experience I had.

In fact, the body needs many chemicals in order to stay healthy, and “fad” or starvation diets are bad because they are not nutritionally balanced. A better way of dieting is to keep track of everything you eat. Before I thought keeping the exercises can lose weight faster than others ways. Now I have learned that doing exercise can train your body more energy and fresh, it is not only way for lost weight, don’t you think so?

The body weight which has the memory, keeping two or three month of this figure, it may keep it for longer, When you found you getting more weight recently, please try use your way to control, Swimming, Jogging and playing Ping Pang have in 30 minutes more are the my way to control the good figures.

In short, a combined effort of reducing the calories you eat and using up more calories than usual through exercise should help you shed off your fat.                                     

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