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What is my aim in 2017

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It is the fifth day in 2017. but I did not have any aim in my heart. And i do not know what's aim i should have. how can i begin with 2017?
Is it funny?
Most of the time, i am wondering why i am working now. After ten years, then what should i do? Still working for others? If it is possible to have my own career. I am not sure. Since i am the one with a lot of worris and conflicts before making a decision . Sometimes, the decision i made was wrong, So i am afraid to make any decision. But i won't to live in this way. It seems that the life is meanless for me. without any aim in my heart but just work like a clock.
Every week i told myself to continue studying CORALDRAW and learning english or to write some essays , make some readings . But i did not put it into practice or insist on. I know actually, It is my problems. But i do not know how to change myself or improve myself.
In the past years, Our company request us to make some aims before the begining of next year, But now I had changed my job, In this factory. No one care if you have aim or not. The just request you to finish the work without any fault. And work for them even overwork.
So i am aimless now. It seems that i am standinf at the crossing road now and i do not know which way should i go? Right or left?
I hope i should take 1 day to think about the question carefully.

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Reply teadrinking 2017-1-7 21:42
Somehow you have been aware of planning and scheduling. Time flies, the new year is coming and in less than three weeks, spring festival is coming soon. We have to make sure that we are ready for the new year. Otherwise, it is becoming a mess as in we are the kites floating in the air with no strings connected.

Don't be worrying, since everybody makes mistakes. It is normal that we commit mistakes, and it will be fine so long as we can be sure that we would not make the same mistakes.

We can not tell what the future will be like, but we can master what we want through hard work with persistence. Just believe yourself. Good luck.

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