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Shares About concentration
2022-11-27 14:58
I am learning the driving licence these days. I had thought it is not so difficult. But may be I am totally wrong since I failed in subject 2. I am confident before the test since I did well in the daily practice. But the fact is on the contrary. It was rainning on my test day. I can n ...
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Shares leanr to change something about myself
2022-7-31 20:51
When I was helping my little son to have a bath. He told me that if I can I make up myself. for example, use some lipstick or have a dress. It will be better. He said some of his classmates' mother dress up like a beauty. He also hope me to so in that way. Indeed, everyone want t ...
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Shares the embarrased situation
2022-7-30 00:32
Today there is a woman client coming for buying post-stewed meat and cold dishes with her two little sons. There are about 6 people in our small shop. So it is a little crowded. When a young man,bought some braised meat and 4 bottles of beer. He took about 4 bottles from the fridge and forget to clo ...
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Shares The mistake at work
2022-5-16 22:24
I made a mistake at work. It annoyed me a lot. We print the labels. The US client require 1/4 " spcae before and after the barcode. And My boss required 7MM orally. When I reconfirmed with her. She asked to refer to the client's email. So I just follow the clients requirement. But when the la ...
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Shares The spoiled child
2022-5-10 21:53
Yesterday My sons request to play in the park in our county for a long time then I have to agree. He told me that his classmates are playing there and he also wanted to play with them. Then we went there. Indeed, some of his friends are playing there and he joined them happily. Then they ...
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Shares Don't make trouble for others.
2022-5-6 22:27
An old woman over 86 was bitten by a dog. It was a pity. and they didn't find the owner of the dog. So they must afford the fees by their own. Nowadays, Keeping pets espacially dogs are popular all over the world ,cities or countries. But if you didn't take care of your pets then it will make troubl ...
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Shares We should make more records in the daily work
2022-4-26 21:34
Yesterday, the factory said that they just received 14 bags of hangtags from us. But we had sent 16 bags to them. I'm not sure if they had forgoten the others in someplace. Since I checked the quatity three times before packaging and sending out. I also remembered how I put them in the carton. But I ...
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Shares Reciting new words
2022-1-24 20:07
I have insisted on learn the new words for 42 days. At first just 5 words each days . But it is two slow for me to recite more words. Now I had set 25 words a day but actually 35 each days. But I still think it is too little. I am not sure if I can achieve 50 words each day since I have many chores ...
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Shares 2022 new plans
2021-12-28 17:08
I haven't make any plan for myself for 5 years. These days I found some hot topic about the new year plan. I just want to make some records for me to track later. Personally speaking, The plans is actually inportant though we may not follow it as expected. First, I want to keep reading in Xima ...
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Shares A blue day
2021-7-12 11:32
I woke up early this morning since I had a lot of annoying things in my mind. One in a word, It is money. Without money, I cann't have a house in Wenzhou. We four squeezed in a small rental house. There is no window, no sunshine all the year around. There are always many blackbeetles in the ...
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