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yvonneandmandy 2017-11-21 21:44
Three months ago, We opened a pot stewed meat shop in tian e hu commuinity in longwan county wenzhou city. I t is not as what we think. We are too busy without enough time for sleeping. having meal even talk between family members during the meal time. Though things goes not like what we plan or exp ...
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Shares Going to the primary school for us kids of new resident in wenzhou
yvonneandmandy 2017-7-19 21:11
We had been prepared well for going to primary school by finding some close relations for helping. We had waiting in great urgency but we still failed at last. There are only 22 empty but with more than 200 children are applying for it. Most of them are asking for the close relationship since ...
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Shares Halogen butcher's store
yvonneandmandy 2017-7-13 20:36
My husband wanted to open a Halogen butcher's store. But i am not sure if he can be qualified. Anyway, we are facing a lot of pressure now. Since it needs a large amount of money. Since we just bought a car last month. And we do not have money at hand. All in all , i am in great anxiety. I a ...
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Shares working hard will reach your aim
yvonneandmandy 2017-6-14 22:14
Yesterday,I read a passage. I enlarge my views. In the passage , The write suggest that when she was deceiding to buy an warehouse. She had decided to buy one. But when she decide to make the down payment,then she had something important to do, Then the sales lady calling her and told her ...
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Shares unhapppy
yvonneandmandy 2017-6-8 22:27
Today I was unhappy. Since i have a lot of pressure. My husband bought a car but he lost his job and just stay at home. But when he bought a car, He did not have any money. He just borrowed from my credit card.It means that i must we must pay more that 20.000 next month. But i did not know ho ...
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Shares irritation
yvonneandmandy 2017-6-7 20:10
today i received a call from our client. She just shouted in loud Voice.Actually i was very angry and wanted to to shouted back.But she is my client. As a client, It is her work to check everything clearly then send to us, So we will not check with them again. But what does she do. She always send ...
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Shares something unexpected happening will not make you happy
yvonneandmandy 2017-6-6 23:00
These days i am not happy and eay-to -irritate. Why? Since we bought a car. That is not what i expected. I did not have any plan to buy a car since i am in great eager for a house.but my husband, he eagered and wanted to buy. Though i did not support him,But he still to buy a second-hand car. Though ...
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Shares The most handsone man
yvonneandmandy 2017-6-1 20:41
These days i am chasing ODE TO JOY season 2, I found the man in the TV play are the chef. There are so familar in cooking. Suddenly, i found the man in the kitchen is most handsome in the world. In our traditional mind, Maybe all the trifles in the kitchen is belong to women.But nowadays,if y ...
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Shares The weichat official account
yvonneandmandy 2017-5-30 22:44
These days I am thinking for opening a wei chat official account for a long time but i did not know how to operate it. I hope that I can share the baby's story and parental experience here. But actually i do not know how to operate it. And i am going to learn about it, I am not sure if any one her ...
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Shares About China traditional culture
yvonneandmandy 2017-5-30 07:56
These days,the TV PLAY ode to joy season 2 is very popular. I am also the chaser. Yestday, when i watched the series 16, QIUyingying 's boyfriend broken up their relationship when know that she is not a vergin. I was shocked by that scene. Since the mordern society, how many virgin there ...
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