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Shares about knowledge
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-23 20:00
everytime when browse the QQ space or wechat space, many of my old friends or schoolmates will write some short passage about their life or feeling .And i will admire their writing. since i always have the desire to improve myself. and i am trying to enlarge my reading but i seldom can insist on, or ...
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Shares about wechat Business
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-18 19:49
Every day we find so many people send different products in QQ or Weichat space. Gradually we found less and less people will show their real emotion and feelings. I am also the one. Though i seldom buy but i will browse everyday.And i also have the desire to join in them since it is a good part tim ...
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Shares hand-made bridge
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-16 20:34
hand-made bridge
da Yesterday night, My daughter and I did the handcraft for a bridge. At first, we have no idea about how to do and what kinds to make. I had searched on the internet but have no confidence to do a better one. Then she gave me some suggestion and we made together. Though most of t ...
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Shares The most meaningful thing today
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-13 19:07
Today we had done a meaningful thing. We went to wenzhou liabrary to sell the secong hand book. our intention is not to earn the money. I just want to share the old books to others who had interest, on the other hand i want my daughter mandy can have the experience to share in this way. We got t ...
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Shares about age
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-7 20:09
This afternoon, we are talking in the office about age. Hedy found that she can not find a good friend to go out or shopping on sunday, since many 80's have been left our factory. Most of the new guys are the 90's. And most of them do not have family. we spend life in different ways.The topic we alw ...
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Shares flying a kite
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-6 20:02
This afternoon, I flied a kite with mandy in shiji square. There are so many people flying kites there, especially the children. But we did not fly successfully since maybe we did not master the skill or we lack the experice, Our kite just fly a little height then rush to the ground. T ...
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Shares About the financial plan
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-3 20:21
Yesterday enening I had attend an activity about : myfinancial plan in 2016, I thought it is very interesting and meaningful. So i joined and told others about my own Plan. I believe every one have his own PLan. some most of us can not stand at last. At least i am the one. But the ...
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Shares the learning about the kindergarden students.
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-1 20:29
Today my daughter's teacher contact with me and consult what kinds of talent skills my daughter will join in. I was in great hesitation since it is meaningless for her to learn . I have consult with some parents. At last i decided to join in the dancing and drawing courses since she i learning danc ...
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Shares about learning
yvonneandmandy 2016-2-29 21:17
I am reading some books these days. One book is about how some guys seek their fortune by their interest or some part time job. It seems that i have a great interest in this book since i can get a lot of information from them, And it shows that the importance of interest. If you keep your inte ...
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Shares spring is coming
yvonneandmandy 2016-2-28 20:25
TOday is sunday, and the weather is sunny and warm. Many people some out to different parks with their children or old man and their lover.It is the best time to enjoy the life. many flowers blossom out in their best way like tulips or some other flowers can not be named out. SO do us, we went ...
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