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Don't worry too much, mate

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my childhood

When I was a little girl, my parents used to visit our relatives at night.


I was so nervous walking at dark because I scared of ghosts come out to catch me.

I would neither walk in front nor at the back, I had to walk between two of them, though I felt there were ghosts everywhere.


But this has never happened to me.

quit a job in a state-run company 

It took me 10 years to make a decision quit a job in a state-run company.


At that time, I was under tremendous pressure: I could never ever get a job; I would not be entitled to an age pension; I would lose health secure automatically.


One colleague gave me a kind suggestion: “No, you can’t quit the job, if you do, absolutely you will have no future.”


It seemed to me the end of the world if I quit the job.


But the fact is, if I stay in that company, I will be retired very soon, I can’t tell there’s meaning for life—1 year like 10 years, nothing really excites me.


So I am glad I made a wise decision which changed my life dramatically.


English learning

When I started learning English, I was worried that I could never pass exams and complete a diploma as my basis English was terrible.


Then I doubted a student visa could be granted to a married woman in my 30s.


In the end, I dared not think about it, I told myself: I had to study really hard because I had no choice, that’s the only thing I could do.

to be an overseas student

After 10 years my dream came true, the happiest moment ever.


I remembered one classmate told you: “You look so energetic.” 

Probably I was having a life I desired– lived for the moment with enthusiasm.


Student life

After arrived Australia, I worried about not finding a casual job due to my poor English speaking and listening skill and I had no idea how to use a cash register.

As a result, I was refused to be a casual waitress at a Chinese cafe.


All those negative thoughts were not helpful, the only thing I could do: keep looking, don’t settle.


After struggling for a while, I found a part time cleaning job at Latrobe Uni so that I could pay for living expense with the money I earned.


Applying for PR

Again, I was most concerned about whether I could pass IELTS and complete a degree in the Uni on time.


The pressure drove me mental. I couldn’t afford to fail as I wouldn’t have enough points to apply for PR if I was 2 more years older. 

Therefore, I checked immigration policy all the time.


I was not relaxed at all for study, under that circumstances, I got a problem in sleeping.

I was like a broken machine, no matter how hard I have tried, and I couldn't fall asleep until 4 am.


All the worries and concerns only made me sick and anxious; they didn’t help me at all.


An accounting job in Australia

After graduation, I was afraid I couldn’t find an accounting job in my late 30s.

I concerned about a job from the first semester to the last term, I did not know the phrase: dream big, and then I gave up lots of job opportunities.


However, I found one in a local company where I worked for more than 6 years.


So age is not a problem, it is mind setup, only if you believe you can, and try very hard, then you can make it.


Passion in writing

After everything has been settled, I found I have passion in writing.

I was eager to set up a Wechat subscription, but there was one negative thought on my mind: probably there’s no one would like to follow me, how embarrassing!!!


Then I’ve got encouragement from the books I’ve read: no worries, no matter what happens to you, just do what you love as long as it makes you happy and brings value to the society.


Since I opened up Englishpassion, there is an increasing number of people have joined me.


So far, there are 206 followers, who come from all parts of China as well as native English speakers mainly from Melbourne.


However, the main benefits I’ve got from writing is increasing of self-confidence and being a positive happy person.

So please don’t hesitate to do what you really enjoy, the earlier you start, the happier you will be, please don’t worry too much about how others think about you.


Well, writing has changed my life dramatically; I was no longer a person who used to worry too much about bad things.


Because of writing, I have to keep borrowing books from libraries, and I have obtained knowledge how to comfort myself from the books I’ve read.


Therefore after I’ve heard bad news from my previous boss: “Our company will be shut down by the end of 2016”, instead of scared to death like previously I did, I told myself to calm down, don’t stress out, just enjoy the moment and do what I can do.


After back from holiday in China, the first day I arrived Melbourne, immediately, I sent out resumes, no time wasting.


To my surprise, I’ve got interviews with job agencies almost every day the first week, the second week I’m working on a casual accounting position.


And this Friday, I will have one more full-time job interview with a company manager directly.

Hopefully, good luck comes to me.


You see, I feared about my age 10 years ago, but now I can still find a job, so it’s nothing to do with how old I am, it is more related to how much work experience I’ve got and how efficiency my English is.


The best thing I can do is make full use of time, if there's no job, then read, write and join activities, just act myself as I have already got a job.


If you are energetic with self-confidence, that will make difference for a job interview, because you show them a positive altitude, then it will increase your chance to be successful.


No worries, do what you love

Everyone, do you have any concerns? Have you ever worried about not finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Or can’t afford to pay for bills and the mortgage? Or other people criticize your impossible dreams?


No, please don’t, it’s harmful, STOP, STOP, STOP worrying.

From my experience, they won’t help you achieve your goals, they can only discourage you.


The only thing you can do is live in the present, believe yourself you can do it. 

Please live with enthusiasm, you good altitude will influence people around you.


I enjoy what my Aussie friend said: don't worry too much, mate. That sounds right to me and I am gonna tell you.

please join my wechat subscription : Englishpassion, if you enjoy my blogs

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Reply teadrinking 2017-4-15 16:42
Well done. You have set up a tremendous example for most of us.  Since many people, like myself, are just ordinary people, and we want to achieve something we want, yet lack of something, such as social connection, money, and some others, which hamper us ascending into a higher level. Thus, we are easily to be confused and we do not think that we can.

Actually we can. We can do well in many things and in many fields. I think everyone has that potential to develop the maximum ability once he or she decides to do something.

Your life experience relaxes the ups and downs, which is full of fears and wonderings, anxieties and worries, and finally you achieve the journey of overcoming the difficulties making the decision of moving forward.

I admire your courage and you do well on the way one your own.

By writing, you surely have gained much of knowledge than ever you had. It helps you grow to be more wonderful and you will understand better of this world around us.

I have read many of your blogs on the Wechat. They are absolutely inspiring. Those logs represent your life and they become the gift both for you and us.

Come on, look forward to your new blogs.
Reply sweetolive 2017-4-16 07:39
teadrinking: Well done. You have set up a tremendous example for most of us.  Since many people, like myself, are just ordinary people, and we want to achieve some ...
Good morning, Teadrinking:

It is very nice hear from you again, sorry, since I started wechat Subscription, I don't think I have free time to make comments.

I am impressed that you have read most of my blogs, that's the most beautiful words I would love to hear, you made my day, I will work harder.

by the way, have you thought about open up a wechat subscription for your Chinese and English writing? that would be challenging

don't be afraid, do what you love to do

enjoy weekend
Reply moli 2017-4-17 17:27
Think nothing before you are going  to do something, and don't regret which decision you once  make.
Reply sweetolive 2017-4-18 19:15
moli: Think nothing before you are going  to do something, and don't regret which decision you once  make.
thanks, that's true, only if we have experienced ups and downs , then will satisfied for what we've got.
Reply teadrinking 2017-4-25 21:26
Yes, I am considering starting my own Wechat writing. Many of things that I have to deal with, I do not spare much of time to write. But now I think it is time to move on. Let's move.
Reply kuin 2017-4-26 15:33
sweetolive: Good morning, Teadrinking:

It is very nice hear from you again, sorry, since I started wechat Subscription, I don't think I have free time to make co ...
I will be you two honest reader.hope to see teadrinking's wechat subscription earlier.


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