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Get out of Ivory Tower

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I feel like Melbourne is my second home as I have been living here for nearly 14 years.


I used to live in Shanghai more than 30 years since I was born; luckily, I was always staying together with family.


During my 20s and 30s, I was like living in a fairy tale world without worrying about anything.


I went to my Mum's place having free meals, paid a cleaner to do housework; there’s no problem if I bought the most fashionable clothes in the best department stores.

I could afford to go to the expensive restaurants if I liked and I had a safe job in a state-run company.


It seems that's the life most girls are looking for it.

But for some reasons, I didn’t feel full from the inner heart; I need life experience, if I stayed in one company and one city until retired, there’s no life.


Therefore, I started learning English from ABC; then my life began. I met lots of classmates and interesting people; we encouraged each other how to conquer difficulties to pass exams.


I got lots of certificates, a diploma in English, another diploma in Admin and a Bachelor degree in Commerce.


I have experienced so many failures to get the first qualification in English, but I didn't give up, so then I survived.

Therefore, only when you start pursuing a dream, you can make your life amazing, because you meet people and make things happen.


It’s not about you stay at home wearing luxury clothes or having meals at the best restaurants, that happiness won’t last long.

However, it’s not easy to live in your dream; there’s risk, only if you have prepared enough, then you can achieve it.


You might have already read my articles which I posted lots of photos you are dreaming.

You don't know the truth; I have almost never been to the restaurant during three years and half my Uni time.


I remembered a few times; I bought a doughnut and fish & chips; that were the luxury meals I have ever had in my schooling time.


When I calculated $1x5.6 = 5.6CNY, everything was so dear; I could not spend it carelessly without the ability to earn money.


To save money, whenever I went to the Safeway supermarket, I bought tomatoes and potatoes which were on sale, and eggs or chicken wings; they were the cheapest things I could afford.


Having green leave veggies was a luxury thing. Instead, I bought carrots- it’s cheap.

In Shanghai, I didn't like to eat many kinds of fruits no matter how good quality it was. The first few months in Australia, I could finish one bunch of bananas within a couple of days.


One day, an Aussie floor mate, a handsome young man, Sam brought me 1kg mandarin when he went to the Preston Market.

After a while, Sam knocked on my door and asked if he could borrow one from me? I was so embarrassed as I have finished all of them.


Sam was shocked: “Wow, are you real? Sweetolive, that’s interesting!!”


I know, probably I didn't have enough food to eat, so I ate it up too fast, and also I could finish one box of 4kg ice-cream within a short time.


I was too ashamed when I went to get ice cream as every time opened the fridge, I saw one Aussie floor mate sitting in his room facing the kitchen, he must wonder what's wrong with me.


And this could never be imagined in Shanghai, where I had so much food, I even didn’t want touch or look at them.


Now in Melbourne, I am no longer picky, and I can eat everything including cereal, nuts and milk for breakfast whereas my daughter doesn’t like it at all.


That time I had to live on a limited budget, it was until I found a casual cleaning job since then my life has been improved a little bit.


Though dad paid education fee and gave me the living allowance, I felt guilty if spent all of them.


I had to rely on myself earning money to pay for food and accommodation.


I worked and studied very hard, most of the time I went to bed at 4:00 am and got up at 9:00 am to do a casual cleaning job.


I was too tired to attend classes; as a result, I missed most of the lectures and did self-study.


I don’t think that's a good idea if I can re-start I will go to all the lectures.

The funny thing is that period the most beautiful time in my life, so I suppose happiness is not related to material things.


In Shanghai, I didn't need to do anything and lived a luxury life, but I didn’t feel fulfilled; in Melbourne, I was a cleaner, I had to handle study, casual job, shopping and cooking.


Because of in Melbourne, I became independent and active, I lived the life I love, no matter how hard it was, that’s my choice, and I had a goal to pursue- got a degree, PR and a job.


In Shanghai, I relied on my family; I did a job which was arranged and could not tell the differences between 1 to 10 years until 20 years, every year was the same until I got retired.


I was confused why being a cleaner be happier than the comfortable life I had after achieved everything in Australia; it was until I read the book from Tal Ben-Shahar regarding happiness:

Attaining lasting happiness requires that we enjoy the journey on our way toward a destination we deem valuable.

Happiness is not about making it to the peak of the mountain nor is it about climbing aimlessly around the mountain; happiness is the experience of climbing toward the peak.

That’s it, I’ve got the answer, that’s how I felt lost again because I have reached the peak of the mountain.

So now I am starting on a new journey- writing because I would love to experience that exhilarating feeling again.


I wish all my friends set up a goal for yourself, make a plan and take action to reach it; you will experience something sensational.


Please never rely on someone else bring you happiness, I doubt it, you have to do it by yourself.


Luxury clothes, shoes, bags, cars and harbour view apartment won’t bring you real happiness.


It’s a journey; only you are on your way towards the destination; then you will get that feeling.

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Reply teadrinking 2018-2-14 22:29
Happiness lies in the pursuit of struggling and meanwhile we are to perfect ourselves by working hard to gain more than what we had before. After unshelling, a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly.
Reply sweetolive 2018-2-24 20:12
teadrinking: Happiness lies in the pursuit of struggling and meanwhile we are to perfect ourselves by working hard to gain more than what we had before. After unsh ...
yes, you understand life very much :D

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