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you can make English stand out from the crowd

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I don’t know what's wrong with Chinese education system, the majority of Uni graduates have learned English more than 10 years; very few of them have the self-confidence to speak out, let alone talk fluently with native English speakers.


They have been taught grammar since primary school, one book after the other, they have done numerous exams regarding how to use simple present (past) tense, present (past) perfect tense, present (past) progressive tense, present (past) perfect progressive tense.


To be honest, while I am writing down these tenses, I’ve already got a headache, there are too many.


However, Chinese people are still very confused how to apply grammar in English writing and speaking.

Actually, I am one of them, I’ve completed New Concept English 3; I have passed CET-4 (I didn’t attend CET-6 and 8).


I’ve obtained an English diploma from Shanghai International Studies University by taking self-taught exams and I have passed IELTS for academic and immigration purposes.

Sounds crazy!!! I have joined most of the English exams. In real life, when I write a blog, sometimes I still not quite sure how to use simple or past tense.


I suppose we have been inputted too much, however, we have very little chance to take it into practice; therefore, Uni students have no idea how to express what’s on their mind.


It’s just like driving a car, you got a license, but you only watch without trying it on the road by yourself.

Scary, scary!!!!


You give up, then I don’t think you can be a good driver.


The same as spoken and written English, you must speak and write often; then you can make progress day by day.

We learn English by following procedures, the books have been used for many years; the testing system has been set up for students how to compete with classmates.


Yeah, so excited, I’ve got 100% score on English test; I am the top student in the class.


Wow, I’ve passed CET-8 in English, excellent!!! Finally, it’s time to relax.


No, I don’t wanna have a look at English textbooks again, please leave me alone, it’s over.

I can completely understand the feeling because the aim of English learning is how to get high marks.

Most students have spent so much time in accumulating vocabularies; some of the words even westerners have difficult to understand.


But they seldom talk or write English because that’s not the requirements from the school, and also they are afraid of making mistakes.


How embarrassing if people don’t understand what I am talking about, you see in my group, some speak beautiful English with the American accent, my one is terrible, I’d better don't speak out one sentence, then no one knows.


I wanna tell you: “Who cares about your accent? In real life, almost no one speaks standard British or American English, that’s just from movies, and you are not gonna be a Hollywood movie star at this stage, right?”

Australia a multicultural country, I have been worked with colleagues who are from UK, Greece, New Zealand, Fiji, Columbia, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia.


I have friends from Germany, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, India, Spain, Nepal and I have Uni friends from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, USA, Ireland, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Vietnam etc.

And at my dancing classes, people are from all over the world.


I reckon I have communicated with people from 40 to 50 nations, unfortunately, almost none of them speaks English as standard as what I’ve heard on TV or radio. Everyone has the different accent.


So why worry so much about your English pronunciation and grammar errors? As long as people can understand what you are trying to say, that’s all.


However, one thing is essential, you must have the ability to express your thoughts, and then you can communicate with others.

Therefore, if you have already completed a Uni degree or got heaps of English certificates, please forget about it.

Now it’s time for you enter into the real world, you must start a new chapter.


How can you stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market or making friends worldwide while travelling or studying overseas- the most effective way is English speaking, that’s the first impression you’ve got.

Take myself for example, since my company shut down last Christmas, I had to apply for new jobs this year.


I have almost been to all the job agencies in Melbourne. After that, I’ve got a few temp positions work for small, medium to large companies.

My speaking English and work experience helps, every night when I sent out resumes, the next day morning, I will receive a phone call from a job agency.


We talked on the phone, if I couldn’t speak proper English, then the interview would have to stop at this stage.


One day, I received a phone call from a job agency; an English lady introduced me a company which is also run by English.


The lady told me that the manager and director were too busy to arrange a face-to-face interview, so I’ve been asked to wait at home; the company will contact me at 11:00 am the following day.


When the phone rang, both the manager and the director talked with me on the phone, they asked what I 've been doing in the past years and some information regarding my personal experience.


I didn’t feel nervous, I just considered it as talking with friends, if they want me to work, I will take it; if not, no worries, then go for another one.


Luckily, before the phone interview finished, they asked whether I would like to meet them at 11:00 am the next day.


In the company, I talked with the managers, in a while, two accounts staff came in, it seemed to me like at a lunch break.


We talked everything, one Aussie girl told me she’s from North Queensland, and I said I have been to Palm Cove and Trinity Beach. She asked: “Have you been to Port Douglas?” I said: “Yes, I loved it.”


Guess what happened afterwards? I got the job.

Sure, every company is different, some are formal, some are informal, the only purpose is that the company want to know your communication skill from 20 minutes’ talking.


You see, if you wanna work in a foreign company, you must master English speaking and listening skill, of course, reading and writing are essential.


Surprisingly, so far no one has ever asked what English certificates I’ve got.


It’s not you memorise the sentences from business English text books or job interview questions you’ve prepared, you must know how to express your feeling freely.

I could only speak broken English the time arrived Australia, it was after many years practice, practice and practice, then I’ve got no problem at all in communication.


Now in the job market, I don’t feel I am inferior to Aussies. I can no longer tell Aussies have advantages because of English is my second language.

 No, that’s not the truth, from my work experience, I found it equal.


You must do the same thing, practice speaking, listening, writing and reading regularly.

One day, you will be very proud of yourself as you have mastered outstanding English, then you can stand out from the crowd and make your life change.


Please take action and start from a small step, it’s only you put time and effort; then you can reach your dream.

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Reply Tange 2018-3-12 22:14
i believe you are not the only one who encounter that embarrassed situation, the indian, Pakistan, their english are worse
Reply wangjide01 2018-3-16 17:29
I like that you take drive to explain how to learn english.  And your tell us the where the trouble lies. Thanks for your words, It's simple but very useful.
Reply sweetolive 2018-3-19 17:28
Tange: i believe you are not the only one who encounter that embarrassed situation, the indian, Pakistan, their english are worse
Their English is good, just the Pronunciation was pretty hard to understand, now I have no problem with the Indian accent.

it is not often to see people speak very standard English like in the movie, so the accent is not an issue as long as you know the general meaning, that's all.
Reply sweetolive 2018-3-19 17:29
wangjide01: I like that you take drive to explain how to learn english.  And your tell us the where the trouble lies. Thanks for your words, It's simple but very  ...
Nice to hear my writing is helpful, that's the way I should keep writing, thanks very much for letting me know:D

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