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why worry about not finding a job?

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The job market is tight for a graduate or a new immigrant with no work experience in Australia.


You open up seek- Australia's No. 1 employment site, apply for a position, enter an email address, upload a resume and a cover letter, and then submit the application.


To start with, you are very excited, get up early and wait anxiously for the agent guy call you.


But after a couple of months, half a year and even longer, you have never received any phone call except numerous rejection emails.


And this is not unusual.


It happens at the current job market as well as ten years ago the time I applied for a job the economy was not that bad.


The belief and persistence make a difference between someone has a job in Australia, and the one gets married to be a stay-at-home mum, or someone returns to home country expecting a family member to introduce a decent job.

1.  Start from a causal, a temp or a part-time position

While applying for a full-time position which is related to your major, try a temp, a casual, a part-time one in other areas including admin, clerk and call centre etc.


The main reason is to get you start from the bottom and gain office experience, after that it would be much easier to move on.


In Melbourne, my first job was a temp admin working for Fosters Group at Southbank, after three months, my contract was due when the full-time employee back from holiday.

After gained office experience in the Australian company, then I had another part-time admin job (back of house, kind of call centre) in a telecommunication company in CBD which is also on the listing of ASX (Australian Securities Exchange).


The working hours were tricky; it started at 6:00 am, probably that’s the reason I got the job as no one would like to get up so early.


But it made my resume longer with local experience, which was the foundation finding another job later on.

2. Apply for as many jobs as you can

As far as I know, most of my friends had sent out hundreds of emails before they got the first full-time permanent position.


And that including me, to be honest; sometimes I’ve got no idea which job I applied when the agent called me the following day.


It is quite desperate that you have applied for hundreds of jobs, but never heard any feedback, so please don’t take it so seriously, just send as many as you can and wait to see what happens.


It is like buying lottery tickets, the more money you spend, the more chance you win.


Applying a job is less risky, you don’t have to invest money, all you need is to upload a resume and a cover letter, and then click a submit application button.


Please don’t think you are not experienced enough to apply a position you are dreaming of, why worry so much.


It’s your fault if don't send as many as possible, at least you have tried best and has nothing to regret, and that’s the problem of the agent if they ignore you.

3.  Make time to do what you like

While waiting, it is the best time to do what you love.


Don’t be too stressed; time is precious if you have time worry about not finding a job, it's better to discover what you really like and start doing it.


After graduated from the Uni in Australia, I was lost because I doubted that I could compete with young students and found a job in my late 30s. Therefore I wasted time being a couch potato and gained lots of weight.


At that time I didn't have a positive attitude and had no idea what to do if no company wanted me.

After seven years, my company was shut down; I was looking for a job again.


But this time was different; I realised that a job is not the only thing matters; I still have lots other things to do.


While being unemployed, I was still happy as I could do reading, writing and physical exercises.

Attending a driving course, playing the piano, learn cooking and cleaning, walking and running to make yourself busy, you still have so many things to do.


Remember work is just a part of life, even don’t have one, you still have right to enjoy life.

Even stay at home for a year, you should be happy and make it the most valuable time to do what you love.

4.  Earn pocket money to be independent

No matter rich or poor, it is essential to do a job and be self-reliant.


For a new immigrant with no family support, they will be stressed; there’s rent, bill, food to pay and the bank deposit is getting less.


Then find a causal, a part-time one, working for KFC, McDonald, Hungry Jack, supermarkets or shopping centre, petrol station or being a cleaner.


Even if you don't have to worry about the financial thing, it’s still necessary to find a temp one, because it makes you get involved with people and improve your cooperation skill.


Money is not the only thing you should care. Therefore, it’s better to do a few days a week and make sure you have enough time to apply for a full-time position, have time to answer phone calls and get a job interview when there’s one.

5.  Overcome difficulties and gain self-confidence

Most Chinese students including my daughter have been taught how to get high marks in the school until they enter into a reputable Uni.

After completing a Uni degree, in China, parents, friends, relatives or parents’ friends try very hard to help children find a job so that they have an easy life.


Why not let them experience a little bit frustrations, only if they know how to conquer difficulties, they will appreciate life more.


And also it helps them to gain self-confidence after mastering the skill of how to find a job so that they will never be afraid of losing one as they have got out of the darkest part of life and become stronger.

This article is inspired by my daughter; she has just completed a degree: Master of engineering in Melbourne Uni, after back from China, she’s looking for a job.

Probably, this is the hardest time she’s experiencing since she was born; the same as her friends, they are waiting for phone calls, not sure how long does it take to get a dream job.


What they can do is keep applying and never give up, one day an unexpected phone call will receive, best of the luck!!!

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Reply wangjide01 2018-11-7 16:59
You give us many great and useful advice. I am looking for a new job and doubt there won't be a good job for me after 6 months seeking.   Thanks for your article.
Reply sweetolive 2018-12-2 18:24
wangjide01: You give us many great and useful advice. I am looking for a new job and doubt there won't be a good job for me after 6 months seeking.   Thanks for y ...
thanks very much, just believe you can and keep looking, one day magic thing will happen, best of the luck :D

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