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Stay true to yourself

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Last Friday, when I chatted with my Aussie colleague, Kaylene, she said: “Sweetolive, that’s how I love you so much.”


“Haha, really? Thank you.”


In fact, I haven’t done anything catering for her.


One month ago, she sent me a link regarding an event she was very passionate about which was related to a drink product she’s having.


I enjoy activities getting together with new people, yet at this stage, I am not interested in drinking supplements no matter how healthy they are.


Also, I have so many things to do on my dream list.


I replied: “Sorry, I don’t think I can make it.”

Again, last Thursday at lunchtime, Kaylene asked: "Swetolive, would you like join us for lunch?"


“I would love to, but I bring lunch box today.”


“Are you sure you don't celebrate with me? I’ll be on a trip to the U.S.A this Sunday.”


“Sorry, you should let me know earlier.”


“That’s fine, not a problem at all, I am just trying to be funny,” Kaylene said.




Sweetolive, you don't go for a Friday night drink with us? It’s for socialising.”


“I know, but not tonight, I had an arrangement with my family for dining out, probably next time.”


I can’t remember how many times my answer was “Yes, yes.” quite a lot time I said: “No, no, no.”


Unless I wanna join her from my heart, then I will say “Yes, yes.”


It’s not because I wanna be friends with her, then change myself and to do what I am not really really like and make myself unhappy.

The time I started a job in the company, as I wrote in the previous blogs. A CPA seemed caring for me very much: “Be careful to a few nasty Aussie ladies, quite a lot of accounts have lost a job because of them, please don’t ask them questions, and I will help you.”


I did trust him, yet after a while, I found the CPA didn’t really care about the work, I have heard from him now and then: “Yes, I will, I will do it.”


Very disappointing, he seldom take it into action.


Then I had to ask the ladies; the problems were solved immediately, gradually I lost the trust of the CPA.


I was wondering why he made such bad comments regarding those Aussie ladies; I didn’t get it.


The CPA used to pick on my weakness, “You can’t speak so fast; you can’t say software complicated, the boss won’t be happy about that; you are very rude leaving the lunch table because it is full of people.”


Please focus on big pictures, man, I am not your slave, please don’t try to change my personality, have you ever cared about my work?


I know he’s a CPA, he wanna colleagues listen to him though he’s doing a crappy job and has no idea how to do it at all.


That’s why he hated those ladies as no one ever listened to him; instead, he has been kept telling how to do a job properly.

That morning, I've heard from Kaylene, “You know, why I like you because you are a rebel and have a strong personality, not afraid of saying no.”


“I understand, in China, a new employee is supposed to obey a senior one no matter he’s doing correctly or not, but that’s wrong. For me, a cleaner or a boss, they are equal.” Kaylene told me.

After I had a big argument with the CPA last year, Kaylene and the other Aussie lady were on my side: “No, Sweetolive is not rude, the CPA is rude.”


Later on, the CPA was warned that he couldn’t treat a new employee like that.

Since then, Kaylene changed attitude towards me dramatically. 

Also, she discovered that we are the only two in the company who are the fans of Tony Robbins- an American motivational speaker, a life coach, who helps people to gain self-confidence.


Kaylene is not a CPA, but she works hard and takes responsibility for the job more than a CPA, even our new CFO is asking advice from her.


I am not surprised at all for what the CPA is doing; everyone is chasing up with him as he’s not doing a proper job which causes big trouble for others.


Fortunately, I haven't listened to him because he has a higher position than me.


I only respect and follow who’s doing a great job!!!!

In a company, no one will perfectly happy with you no matter how hard you work, how much effort you are making, and it’s impossible to satisfy everyone.


The only way is to be true to yourself, even you are at the risk of losing a job, and then you will win friends and be truly happy with what you are doing.


Work is not only about money but also for happiness.

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Reply wangjide01 2019-2-26 10:50
Respect ourselves before getting respect from others. That's a good method.  An unprincipled man will always be slighting by others.
Reply sweetolive 2019-3-11 18:34
wangjide01: Respect ourselves before getting respect from others. That's a good method.  An unprincipled man will always be slighting by others.
Nice to hear your idea, thanks :D

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