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you can speak English like a Pro and get promoted at work

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I have some Pro Bono clients who are eager to speak English like a pro so that they can talk with international clients.


If they speak fluent English, that will significantly increase the chance for them to get promoted at work, to be a team leader, a manager or later on a CEO.


Everything is possible. Yes, I guarantee you can speak as good English as you imagine.


Speaking English is like driving a car, the more time and effort you put, the better result you get.


Someone told me, I want to speak excellent English.


How many hours you spent per week? I asked.


A few hours a week.


Come on, if you spend a few hours a day, thats ok.


It depends on your goal.


If you want to travel overseas and speak simple English, you dont need to take it seriously. Just practice whenever you feel like.


However, if your goal is to speak English like a pro, you want to be a CEO, a manager, a team leader, a coach, a public motivational speaker or you want to work in a better company.


Then you must spend a few hours a day on learning English.


Speaking English like a pro, it is not only about speaking itself.


Improving listening skill is essential.


In fact, listening is more critical in communication, without understanding what the other people are trying to tell you, that would be the end of the conversation.


Reading is the key element for your English to reach the professional level, and that makes you different from most of the others who never read English books.


If you want to be a leader, read English books with regards to leadership skill;


If you're going to run a successful business, then read English books about sales, marketing;


If you need more self-confidence, then buy books in related to how to boost your self -confidence.

Writing blogs is a very effective way.

Passing IELTS is not enough to be a professional.


If you only focus on IELTS, you will be stressed; it teaches the skill how to get high marks in the exam, though its a requirement for you to be an overseas student or for immigration purpose.


After that, theres not much meaning for IELTS.


If I ask my Aussie colleagues, I bet no one knows what IELTS is.


In a job market in Australia, no one ever cares about how high marks you got in IELTS.


I have some Pro Bono clients; they have never studied in an English speaking country; they try to find a way how to improve English in China.


Some speak excellent English. They practice speaking with foreigners online; they listen to the TED; some join English courses or go to the English corner.


Therefore, please dont blame you for staying in China, you don't have an English environment, thats the reason you cant speak good English.


I can confirm that it is not correct. You must believe you can speak fluent English and find a way to achieve your dream.


Theres a Facebook post from my business mentor, Deborah Kleinert.


If you have a clear goal/outcome that is important.

If you can picture it and see it.

If you are clear on the person, you wish to become, then it is a possibility.


If you believe in your goal and yourself,

If you are putting in place a plan and positive habits

If you are taking consistent action towards achieving it

Then you are on your way


If you are tracking your progress

If you are making small incremental improvements towards your outcome

If you are achieving small wins, making progress or moving forwards

Then its only a matter of time


If you stick at it despite the challenges and obstacles

If you keep showing up even though you dont feel like it

If you are continuously learning and making improvements

Then you are on the road to mastery


-     Deborah Kleinert -




You can speak English like a pro and get job promoted; you must believe you can and take action.


You must stick to it and overcome setbacks. Eventually, you can achieve your dream if you keep going without giving up.


I am offering six free sessions to help you discover your passion. Also, I give you strategies on how to improve your English, so that you can achieve your dream- speak English like a Pro.

You are most welcome add my personal wechat A/C: sweetolive2016

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