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I've got a voice coach

Hot 11390 views. 2019-12-2 07:57 | life coach, new things, English, dream, adventure

Last Thursday, I had a webinar with the number one vocal coach in Los Angeles- Roger Love, who coached Tony Robbins and American celebrities. 


After I quit a full-time job, I spend time listening to the webinars, attending workshops, it seems like I turn around a direction and moving towards my ideal life.


I would love to explore and discover something new, which I have never experienced before.


This is the real adventure to me; it makes me feel as curious as the first time I arrived in Australia.


Now, everything I am doing has meaning.



Travelling is a wonderful thing, yet it doesn't give me the sense as excited as I pursue a new dream, which inspires me to become more than who I am.  


To live on a real adventure needs a lot of courage.


Since I joined the coaching course and registered my coaching business, I have entered a brand new world, which is full of fantasy.


When I was doing accounts work, I faced two screens of the computer; I dealt with numbers, sometimes I called suppliers and communicated with colleagues.


That's all; there's nothing new, I don't feel there's personal growth.

Last Thursday, after I had a webinar, I was fascinated about the speaking Pro Masterclass, what's that? It touched my heart.


Yet I have already overwhelmed by my coaching course, and I am not gonna join the voice coach program.


The following day, I received an email, Black Friday Sale. 


Just think about I was always wanted to improve my English speaking skill.


It's hard for me to find a standard English tape-record so that I can follow to practice.


Now it comes to me automatically on Facebook.


I don't need to search the ads; all the professional ones will approach me by providing me with a free webinar or a free workshop.


I trust my intuition. If I feel like, that's the one I would love to join.


I am decisive; that's my No. 1 advantage. Therefore, I paid for the voice coach.





This morning, the first thing, I spent 15 minutes doing the daily Vocal Warmup.


I love it; it's like I sing a song.


Not sure, whether I can change my voice after a few months' practising.


I do enjoy the progress as it's a new adventure for me.


I spent a few hundred dollars to see what happens of my voice.



Life is magic if we don't try, we never know what's going on with us, then how can we reach our full potential?


We gotta trust someone and try something we have never heard and have never done before.


It might be a chance to open a new chapter for us, trust me.


I am doing it, and I love all the things I'm trying; otherwise, my life will be like stuck in a rut.


Are you ready to try something different?


I offer six free sessions to help you discover and explore yourself, and I hope it opens a new chapter for you. 


Please add my Wechat: sweetolive2016

my wechat subscription: Englishpassion

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Reply teadrinking 2019-12-2 23:06
You always bring us news. Thanks for sharing, I like that. It does help us to reopen and review things around us. Things are gonna be different if we change another method in a new different angle.
Reply sweetolive 2019-12-8 16:19
teadrinking: You always bring us news. Thanks for sharing, I like that. It does help us to reopen and review things around us. Things are gonna be different if we  ...
Wow, it's so nice to hear that I add value to you.

hope you have a lovely day, thanks

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